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Internet Unleashes Ridicule After Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Paula White Speaks in Tongues in BONKERS Performance

Never mind the fact that Trump so obviously keeps Paula White close in the White House for physical salvation, far more than spiritual salvation. It is too much to ask that she at least make sense in doing so. But with very little positive to say – in English – after the botched Coronavirus response, despite all the prayers said in English to this point, Paula White has moved on to the hardcore crazy, and she is now speaking in tongues.

To be honest, it seems to me that Paula is suddenly making more sense than her normal gibberish about satanic babies. See if you don’t agree:

Yeah, well her energy itself is indicative of … something. And to think that Trump had the audacity to mock Lisa Page in the midst of passion. I think I recognize some kind of talk to god in this response. One would think she would just normally use this in one on one passion – and I mean “one ON one,” but now I am having enough fun.

I would not normally make fun of someone’s choice in worship, and wouldn’t have with her if I had ever seen her do one ounce of genuine worship that has nothing to do with collecting money and sliding up close – very close – to her power buddy.

But enough of my assessment, let’s see what the net has to say of this display of “passion,” perhaps learned through the tiny hands of Donald Trump:

That’s a little harsh, having done some research for a novel involving others from parts scattered far and wide throughout the galaxy, we are not all lumped into those who …

Never mind:

Very seriously, this is what is happening here:

There is a fine line between the god-like and satanic. Depends upon where she got the inspiration for the performance. She might have been crying out for god upon feeling it originally:

Again, very thin line:

And finish up on the obvious:

Well, as we said, the material came from somewhere, and the closest we have seen to this type of performance was her buddy acting out …

Never mind, that’s enough visualization for the day.


Peace, y’all


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