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Jerry Falwell Jr. Insists Upon ‘In-Person’ Classes at Liberty U, Students Plea for Sanity — What is Wrong with Trumpers??

I am starting to sense a pattern. See if you follow me on this.

Surely, you all read my column last night on Trump-loving, black hat-wearing, Sheriff David Clarke tweeting out his encouragement that everyone get out and go to churches, movies, restaurants, etc., while also noting that Clarke he has close ties to Trump, the NRA, and Putin.

Meanwhile, Trump has done everything in his power to delay the testing of people in the United States and continued to tell people to keep people going out (until he just could not do so any longer), even going so far as to say that people can go to work with the virus at one point. Trump had CPAC laughing it up as a huge Democratic Hoax.

Now we hear that Jerry Falwell Jr. – a close Trumper, close NRA-type, and a pro-Russia, pro-Putin person (remember last night’s redundancies), is insisting that Liberty University continue classes in-person as if the only thing that can beat the virus is everyone pulling together in the same room.

According to Rawstory [1], students have started a petition:

Valle is among thousands who’ve signed a petition [2] calling on Liberty president Jerry Falwell Jr. to implement an extended break and move classes online. The petition’s creator, who wishes to remain anonymous, said in a statement that she decided to speak out because of the virus’ threat to her own health issues.

I cannot for the life of me imagine why Fallwell Jr. is refusing to cancel classes or go all online. But there IS a pattern here and I don’t think it’s especially conspiratorial to note that the people we most associate with the far right are the people most resistant to doing the things we are told are needed to keep the nation safe and healthy in the long run.

It is almost like there is a faction that wants to see the United States thoroughly weakened, perhaps permanently weakened. I know that our intelligence services indeed know of one guy in particular who wants the United States weakened or destroyed.

Again, according to Rawstory:

In a Fox & Friends interview this Friday [3], Falwell Jr. scoffed at what he sees as hysteria over the coronavirus outbreak, and even floated a conspiracy theory as to its origins.

“I had the owner of a restaurant ask me last night—he said, ‘Do you remember the North Korean leader promised a Christmas present for America back in December? Could it be they got together with China and this is that present?’ I don’t know, but it really is something strange going on,” he said.

Look, mother ffffff, if you want to start talking conspiracy theories right now, I will start asking about why it is that everyone on the far right seems negative one degree of Kevin Bacon away from Vlad Putin, that Russia isn’t reporting any numbers on Coronavirus, and all of you on the far right seem to want everyone to get out into the crowds and enjoy the virus’s evolution that you don’t believe in. Maybe Liberty U will hold its first dance?

What is it with these people?

Local news story below:

Peace, y’all


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