WHOA: Fox News Cuts Off Kellyanne Conway After Political Attack on NYC Mayor, ‘I’m Going to Stop You…’

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner stopped Kellyanne Conway in her tracks when she tried to use an interview to take political shots at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Conway appeared on Outnumbered Overtime, where she was asked about how Donald Trump is dealing with the ongoing public health and economic woes from the coronavirus. As she talked up the Trump Administration’s efforts to acquire and distribute crucial medical supplies, Conway eventually resumed her attack from Wednesday night on de Blasio for not taking greater action against the virus weeks ago.

“I do think it’s very disappointing that the mayor of New York City himself was riding the Subway on March 5th and telling people to go out on the town…” Conway said. Faulkner interrupted that statement to say “Kellyanne, I’m going to stop you on the politics.”

“It’s not politics,” Conway insisted. “It’s that we have a very dire situation in New York City. That is not politics. I think it was politics to say go out…”

“We do have a dire situation,” Faulkner interjected again. The conversation got back on track shortly afterwards with a focus on the Senate’s massive new economic relief plan.

Conway tried this same schtick on Fox News last night, and was similarly called out for it:


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