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WHAT?: Texas Lt. Gov. Says He’s ‘All In’ On Boomers Sacrificing Themselves For the Economy

He did. He did.

Say it with me, it is always the conservatives, always the conservatives that put the economy and money in front of life and death – which ironically also impacts the economy.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick looks forward to seniors [1] “sacrificing” to keep the country intact for the grandchildren. I suppose it ever occurred to Lt. Govern Dan Patrick that boomers paying far more in taxes to cover payments would help those little rascal grandchildren? To which he’d say; “Hey, hey,  c’mon now. Let’s not get crazy there, I’m talking about sacrificing some lives that’re 78 to 90 with problems, you know? I do know that’s what he’s saying:

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) was just on Fox saying he agrees with Trump. He cast it as an opportunity for seniors to sacrifice in order to keep the country intact for their grandchildren. “Let’s get back to living… And those of us that are 70+, we’ll take care of ourselves.”

— Felicia Sonmez (@feliciasonmez) March 24, 2020 [1]

It is always the conservatives.

“Sacrifice, 70+,” they’ll take care of themselves, and die at home a relatively awful death, sucking for oxygen.

Well, wrong mother fffff, it’ll be us taking care of you, because Gen X, Millenials, and Generation Y, are not quite as self-absorbed as the boomers since, from the time you were born as a massive group, it was always about you. But we’ll take care of you because the values change from generation to generation. (I realize that broad brushes are too broad and some boomers have spent their entire lives fighting that self-absorption, and we all salute you.)

I am not sure there’s any other way to take it: “We’ll take care of ourselves” – except monetarily. Since the numbers are 3% or so, he’s “all in” (he said it) and betting that he ain’t cut down. And we mean “cut down,” with taxes.

Because we’ve heard a lot lately about all this money spent. Have you heard a single word about taxes raised on individuals with wealth valued at over $50 million? Strangely I have not heard a word, either. So, as said, he’s all in – on the lives, betting his. But his money chips are right in his pocket.


Peace, y’all


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