Donald Trump Jr. Backs Fired Fox News Host On ‘Virus Scam’ — ‘She Nailed It!’

One almost feels sorry for Don Jr. No, of course not actually sorry for him, but you do know what I mean. Either he knows exactly what he is doing, and is retweeting this betting that plenty of his followers either don’t know or have forgotten that this piece got Trish Regan fired, or he’s just that stupid and he doesn’t know that this piece got her fired:

The piece is disgusting. Her faux-fury comes through all too easily. Yes, I am sure that she loves Trump, hates Democrats, and believes what she was saying. But she was putting on a performance piece in the lead-in, one which accuses the Democrats of pushing the virus as a reason for breaking the economy, that it was mostly a hoax, and all the stuff you’ve already read about (though it’s worth a listen).

But saying; “She nailed it!” and “Retweet!” is just so hilarious. She got fired by Fox over it! And, she got fired, in part, out of Fox’s increasing fears about liability – which his Dad and the campaign might want to start giving some consideration, and now Don Jr. might want to contemplate what it might mean to his financial future.

The responses were special.

Yes, they did. Fox got clued-in before Trump figured anything out. But only because they worried about getting sued earlier.

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This one below has nothing to do with the topic, but deserves special attention here because it is both so perfect, biting and sad:

This makes a lot of sense to me, perhaps the Trumps specialize in misreading things, or being 10 days behind in everything.

And to leave you with some hope, we see some seams beginning to rip along the far-right Trump divide, the Fox versus OAN crowd:

Perfect, keep dividing each other.

And Don Jr., in terms of your stupidity, you nailed it!


Peace, y’all


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