Dr. Fauci Now Needs Security Protection Because Right Wing Loons Think He’s Conspiring with Hillary Clinton

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who serves as a leading expert at daily coronavirus White House press conferences, reportedly has had an increasing number of threats made against him, which has resulted in a beefed-up security detail for the 79-year-old.

The Washington Post, late Wednesday evening, reported the increasing threats and beefed-up security measures being implemented. The report cites that there are not only threats against Fauci from detractors, but attempts of unsolicited contact from “fervent admirers.”

The concerns include threats as well as unwelcome communications from fervent admirers, according to people with knowledge of deliberations inside the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice.

The exact nature of the threats against him was not clear. Greater exposure has led to more praise for the doctor but also more criticism.

The report also stated Fauci is being targeted by “right-wing commentators and bloggers” that believe him to be apart of the “deep state,” billing the doctor as someone who is working against President Donald Trump.

Fauci has become a public target for some right-wing commentators and bloggers, who exercise influence over parts of the president’s base. As they press for the president to ease restrictions to reinvigorate economic activity, some of these figures have assailed Fauci and questioned his expertise.

Asked on Wednesday by a reporter if he had a security detail, the doctor responded, “I would have to refer you to HHS on that. I wouldn’t comment,” Trump added, “He doesn’t need security. Everybody loves him.”

Earlier this week we reported how certain RWNJ’s are targeting Fauci and believe he is somehow speaking with Hillary Clinton.

Pro-Trump blogs and pundits have accused Fauci of siding with the “Deep State’”, with some far-right Republicans viewing the 79-year-old as an establishment figure obstructing the president.

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Podcast host, Bill Mitchell, said he hoped Trump was listening, and called the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) “Dr Doom Fauci”.

He said on Twitter: “Has anyone else noticed that every suggestion by Dr Doom Fauci just happens to also be the worst possible thing for the economy?”

“That’s not an accident folks. That’s Hillary,” added Mitchell.

The accusation that Fauci was also a plant for Hillary Clinton has appeared in pro-Trump blogs in recent days.

Fauci was described by The Gateway Pundit as a “Hillary Clinton fanboy”, after it obtained two emails stolen by Wikileaks in which the disease expert praised Clinton.

Mitchell continued today suggesting that Congress should subpoena Fauci’s phone records to see if he’s been speaking with Clinton.

Mitchell tweeted, “Congress should subpoena Dr. Doom Fauci’s phone records and see how many times he has called Hillary in the past 60 days.”

Obviously Mitchell is an idiot. Another Trump grifter making money sprouting this dangerous crap to his dumb followers:

Good God:


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