Melania Tweets People Should Wear Masks Minutes After Trump Brags He Won’t Wear One

In a more clever and caring woman, we might wonder if the Third Lady was trolling Trump. After all, she put this Twitter post up at roughly the same time as the White House news conference. With this marriage, it is likely that they haven’t seen each other in …:

She must be asking the little people who don’t sit behind Resolute desks to be wearing masks, because, during the above-mentioned press conference, Trump bragged that he wouldn’t be wearing one – in part because of that same Resolute desk:

(Do note that he mentioned receiving dictators in the Oval Office. Visiting the White House used to be a special privilege reserved for close allies. Summits with adversaries were held off-site. Regardless, we have bigger fish to fry.)

To Trump, that powerful person sitting behind the Resolute desk shouldn’t look like a commoner with a mask. Also, he feels good, thus need not wear a mask, which is news to all those people who carried the mask for a week, “feeling good,” before getting symptoms, and the one out of four carriers that never show symptoms.

So what is Melania trying to convey? That WE need to wear masks unless we have resolute desks? That she hasn’t spoken to her “husband” in years? That she borrowed some masks from the tennis pavilion construction guy she thought was kinda beefy and is now into “masks”? We don’t know.

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I do want to know if during this time of crisis when the federal government is spending trillions to keep people afloat, if the much-needed “White House Community” tennis pavilion is still under construction, or whether they had the good sense to put it on hold.

All we do know is that it seems like the peasants. down to whom Melania clearly loves to speak, are encouraged to wear masks. But powerful people are free to do what they want. A first lady who thought for herself might write: “I will be working on making Donald wear one.” Except I might fear for her safety if she wrote such a thing, and referred to him as “Donald” in public.

Yes, some people have commented:

Not bad, “your boy” is a great way to bug Trump.

There are always exceptions, generally for the powerful:

We get back to questions about her court:

No, as we said they are for peasants.

I think I will end with this one because it is too perfect. We all know the reason that Trump wouldn’t wear one. He must look “too powerful” to succumb to the disease, and he cannot risk having his picture taken looking like everyone else, with a mask over himself, looking rather silly (we all look silly, most of us are not so insecure as to care).

That’s what it gets down to, vanity. I don’t wish this disease upon anyone, but damn … it is tough sometimes.


Peace, y’all


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