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Americans Furious As Trump-Supporting Bikers Race Across WH South Lawn in Quasi-Campaign Event

Donald Trump on Friday welcomed a rowdy group of riders who revved their Harley Davidsons to the White House’s South Lawn.

The group of Trump supporters rode as Guns N’ Roses blasted during the event, called Rolling to Remember, to honor veterans and POWs in a Memorial Day ceremony.

As he spoke from the Blue Room Balcony during the event, Trump urged the bikers and their fellow motorcycle enthusiasts to support his re-election campaign.

“I liked you from the beginning,” Trump said, adding about Election Day: “November 3rd’s a big day, we don’t want to destroy this country.”

Trump also thanked the bikers for their support.

The bikers revved their engines on the South Lawn to the Guns N’ Roses song Sweet Child O’ Mine.

Trump told them: “Drive as fast as you can but don’t get hurt.”

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In addition to encouraging the bikers during the veterans event, Trump also covered several topics, including the US military.

Trump said his administration has “secured over $2.1trillion in funding to completely rebuild American military.”

The president also defended his response to the coronavirus pandemic, which as of Friday, has killed more than 96,000 people in the US.

“We didn’t have ventilators, we didn’t have testing, we didn’t have anything,” Trump claimed, saying his administration had to rebuild the federal government’s stockpiles.

Trump criticized his 2020 opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, for criticizing his decision to place travel restrictions on China in January, and said “these people are sick.”

Trumpa also used the event to crap on Nancy Pelosi and it was rather disgusting:

As expected, people were grossed out:


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