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CNN’s John King is Furious: Trump’s Behavior ‘Would Get Anyone Else Fired in a Snap’

One of the most astounding aspects of the Trump presidency is not just the increasingly intense descent into total madness, but the unforgivable and utter silence by Republicans.

Only Mitt Romney, the man who isn’t afraid to “criticize” Trump, has spoken out against Trump’s latest rampage, one going on for five days now.

Trump would be fired, fast, if he led a small company and pulled this schtick, and a large one would fire him “for cause.” One cause would be that he can’t adhere even to rules bent already strongly in his favor.

CNN’s John King had to point out the obvious: (Video Below) From RawStory [1]:

During an interview with David Gergen, King said it was particularly jarring to see Trump, in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 100,000 Americans, to be tweeting things that “if I tweeted them, we would be fired in a snap.”

Former White House chief of staff David Gergen agreed:

“This should be a week of national mourning, to have 100,000 deaths, the number we’ll reach in the next two or three days, and the country is saddened by that. Traditionally, presidents bring us together for occasions like this. They brought comfort, they met privately with the families of the victims and cheered people up… and here now, we have completely the opposite. It’s very, very sad.”

“The question is why can’t anybody stop him, in the sense that we’re also in an election year?”

That is easy to answer. Trump can no longer think critically, or no longer wants to think critically. He’s incapable of even “helping himself,” in our opinion. So how can he possibly help the nation? No one has answered that question, at all.

But the GOP continues to enable him. They had a chance to fire him and as Adam Schiff predicted, he’s more out of control now.



Peace, y’all


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