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Don Jr.’s Girlfriend said Donald Trump ‘Is Exactly What America Deserves’ and Some People Actually Agree With Her

If you’re dating a member of the Trump family (and if you are, what the hell is the matter with you), it probably helps if you don’t think too much about the things you end up saying. Truly, how do you defend the indefensible?

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend, is just the latest member of the extended Trump circle to say something ridiculous in public.

Every night at 8pm, Lara Trump who is married to Eric Trump, holds an online campaign event, where various members of the Trump family, and other Trump surrogates discuss the Trump campaign and try to get people’s support for his re-election in November.

Part of that has involved launching a version of The View, the popular TV show with Whoopi Goldberg, called The Right View, where popular right-wing figures video call and talk about why Trump is better than Joe Biden.

Guilfoyle, along with Lara, hosted a Women for Trump Empower Hour earlier this week.

During this hour, Guilfoyle, Trump, and two other prominent Trump supporters talked about why Joe Biden would be asleep behind the wheel – using Trump’s new nickname, Sleepy Joe – and why Trump needs to be re-elected on November 3rd.

Guilfoyle used the example of a bipartisan effort that Trump was leading to make sure that America was being safely re-opened – and then said that “President Trump is what America deserves.”

Lara Trump and Guilfoyle are both reportedly being paid 180,000 dollars a year for their work on the Trump campaign.

A lot of people on Twitter seemed to agree… but not quite in the same way.

And quite a few people agreed with Don Jr.’s mistress, although not in the way she thinks.