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Flynn’s Transcripts Released: Show Him Discussing Sanctions With Russian Ambassador Despite Denials

One thing we know. Michael Flynn was most certainly “colluding” with the Russians prior to taking office. We know that on December 29th, Michael Flynn was on the phone with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador and [alleged] top spy. You will – of course – note that Donald Trump wasn’t president on that day, and Flynn talked policy with Kislyak. Indeed, Flynn “asked” the Russians to not respond to the sanctions that President Obama slapped on Russia with an implied (not express) message: “We won’t do it” or “We will reverse the sanctions.”

One thing that Flynn did not discuss with Kislyak? Flynn didn’t bring up the subject that brought about the sanctions. He didn’t say anything about Russia interfering in the elections. Strange. The news had been all over for the last week, and the sanctions were punishment for interfering in the American presidential elections. But Flynn acted as though it wasn’t of interest. I wonder what that’s about?

From Politico:

“You might appreciate the sentiments that are raging in Moscow,” the ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, replied to Flynn’s request on the Dec, 29, 2016 call.

Yes, that will happen when you’re caught in an operation to manipulate and weaken the United States. It will get Moscow very angry. We “appreciate” that.

Did Flynn reply: “Well, you will certainly understand that it matches the sentiment of the United States of America! What the hell were you doing assisting Trump in the election, you should be punished!

Nope, he did not. Flynn replied:

“I know, I – believe me, I do appreciate it, I very much appreciate it,” Flynn responded. “But I really don’t want us to get into a situation where we’re going, you know, where we do this and then you do something bigger, and then you know, everybody’s got to go back and forth and everybody’s got to be the tough guy here, you know?”

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That sounds like a man trying to get from under the fact that his nation just lashed out and punished Russia for screwing with our elections. It also “sounds” like a man who is urging Russia to not be too mad! “I know, I – believe me, I do appreciate it, I very much appreciate it. BUT, I really don’t want us to …” Are you kidding me? He sounds like he’s almost begging his bosses. But that can’t be because he’s about to become America’s top national security officer under the president. So his only boss would be the … president at the time, Barack Obama! Donald Trump wasn’t president.

This is a United States citizen, not a government employee, and certainly not someone in the Obama administration, begging Russia to not respond. That IS collusion, even though it came after the election, but prior to Trump being sworn in. Flynn also seems to give Russia the impression that Trump is anything but mad about manipulating the election. Very strange.

Oh, and Trump? He celebrated Putin not doing anything and tweeted about it. “I knew he was smart!” No, Trump knew that his guy talked Russia into not doing anything.

We should also note that the Trump administration released this “summary” of the calls, not the entire transcript because they believed that these summaries would make Flynn look “good.”



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