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Get Ready for a Cat 5 Tweetstorm: New Fox Poll Has Trump Losing to Biden by 8 Points

Trump is not a big fan of the Fox News polls because apparently Fox polls all the wrong people.

We have heard Trump pound away before about their awful pollster.

But this one will likely sting just that much harder because – strangely – last month, the Fox Poll showed Trump tied with Biden, which was an amazing improvement on the previous polls.

Breathe again. We have returned to the norm. We really returned to the norm. This poll comes on top of the new Quinnipiac poll that came out Monday, showing Biden leading 50% to Trump’s 39%.

You will, of course, note that Trump got just a bump from the COVID crisis. Maybe some thought we had just experienced a glancing blow, and Trump did a decent job? But now it’s setting-in, we’re in the 2nd inning of a nine-inning game, with rain on the way, Trump tumbles down to 8-9 points below.

We cannot emphasize this enough. It is more important than at any point in history that Biden blows Trump’s doors off in this election. Normally, the “margin of victory” couldn’t matter less. But this isn’t normal.

We expect Trump to do “something.” If the election is close, he’ll scream that it was rigged. Every point matters.  Trump may threaten to cancel the election due to the “emergency” (Yes, he’d declare an emergency about a disease that arrived in January, which would seem to be almost a forfeit). To the extent Biden’s ahead, every single one of those points on polls matters. Picture in your mind the difference between Trump “delaying” the election in a “state of emergency” if he’s down 10 in the polls, versus 2 and I think you’ll see what I mean. Picture the difference between Trump claiming “RIGGED!” when Biden wins by 2 points, versus 8-9 points.

Every point matters in a way it never did before.

Of course, there is a long way to go. But for now, this is very bad news for team Trump. So sit back, and watch the Twitter feed with due caution, storm’s brewing. Pop a cold one.


Peace, y’all


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