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Grocery Store Workers are Terrified Now That Trump’s Made Wearing a Mask Political

Wearing a mask is now a political act. I am not sure about where you live, but down here in rural dead-red America, I get looked at very strangely when I appear in a store (very briefly and distanced) in my hat, glasses, mask and gloves. The only people that look quite approvingly at me? The people who work at the store. Those are the people you are protecting.

And now they’re terrified:

“Employees are downright afraid to ask people to wear a mask,” a union representative said on a press call Wednesday [1]

Yes, they are afraid to ask people to wear a mask because doing so is like telling them that they need to go sleep with Hillary Clinton for a month and get gay married. They’re not interested in it. They’re trying to MAGA like the man, and you’re a little libtard b****.

The group is also calling for stores to hire additional security, in the face of growing political discord over the issue of wearing masks in public spaces run by private business. The “political war” over the issue, as one worker put it, has resulted in both absurd acts [2] and violent ones [3], and many prominent figures [4] on the right [5] continue to encourage [6] Americans to fight the policies put in place by these private businesses in the interest of their employees and customers. A fact that has some workers scared and worried.

They damn well should be scared and worried. They’re going to get sick!

And here, we run into the ultimate in “stupid irony.”

IF everyone, absolutely everyone, wore a mask – we could all do a shitload more! There would be FAR less danger in going out! The economy could get going better again, and things would improve more quickly. BUT the MAN won’t wear a mask, because he thinks it makes him look weak. Thus it is that Trump-voting MAGA man won’t wear a mask because he’ll be damned if he looks “weak” and get all gay married.

Yes, the masks also remind people that people do get sick, and there is a pandemic going on – that’s a bummer Trump doesn’t want, but the plain fact is everything would be safer, and the virus would have a much tougher time gettin’ ’round.

But those poor people at the store? Even in dead-head-red areas of the country, they look lovingly at you when wearing gloves and a mask.

Only Donald Trump could make wearing a mask political, but I guess that fits. Only Trump could make stupidity cool.


Peace, y’all


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