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Kayleigh McEnany Infuriates White House Reporters After Suggesting They are Godless Heathens

Let this be perfectly clear. This woman should be fired. Of course, just as clearly, she is in this position solely because she is one of the very few people even capable of being so shameless that she could do this.

Kayleigh McEnany infuriated the entire White House press corps by implying that they are both godless and controlling people by “wanting to keep churches closed.”

What a smug, condescending and evil thing to say. She knows damned well that there is an issue here, she is a Harvard law grad, and she knows damned well that the question is more than legitimate. She is an actress, and a spiteful mean one at that. Pure evil.

Imagine the anger pulsing through the press corps right now? For one of the first times ever, I am highly sympathetic to those serving in that group. They are subject to what can now only be called “abusive” treatment.

In front of cameras, and in video that will be played all over the Right Wing media landscape, those questions will be taken completely out of context, and the viewers will think that the reporters were advocating keeping churches closed.

Jake Tapper was right to use his prominence to call this shit out.

Some of us “libtards” are far more spiritual people than those that follow Trump and Kayleigh. WE don’t “talk about it” nearly as much, and we admire the man who was actually named “Christ” because he worked with society’s outcasts, the poor, the sick, the spit-upon, and challenged society’s more “prominent and powerful” to get over themselves or things would end up very badly for them.

As you might be able to tell, there is some anger directed back, which is sad. Because that’s just what Kayleigh wants.


Peace, y’all


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