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Kayleigh McEnany Uses Planted OAN Question to Go On Insane Anti-Obama Rant Complete With Slides

I cannot possibly emphasize this enough. Pardons are not normal!

There are many of us in the legal community who strongly believed that the pardon process has been underused in the criminal justice system, with president Obama just starting to scratch the surface by doing thousands at a time, of a certain “class” of criminal, in his case, non-violent drug offenders who had served long sentences already.

But it is not normal, nor should it ever be normal, for a president to be commenting on criminal cases. It is especially not normal for a president to be commenting and acting upon cases involving his personal campaign! That is outrageous.

Now, however, Trump has “normalized” the pardon process – through talking about it, and getting personally involved in pardon cases, such that the OANN reporter Chanel Rion can do a “push question,” or one meant to imply that there are criminal charges against “President Obama” in relation to the “Obamagate.” Moreover, someone had to “get back” at Biden who said “no, that he would not be pardoning Donald Trump.”

None of this is normal, and it is indicative of just how far we’ve fallen as a government of laws, not “men.”

No, it’s not “dumb,” this is planned. She didn’t come up with that question on her own. She is not a member of the White House Correspondents Association which normally will designate who attends each press conference. This was a planted question because Kaleigh McEnany was ready with a slideshow.

Americans are furious: