Mika’s on FIRE: Meeting With CEO of Twitter About Getting Trump Banned From Twitter


Talk about a woman on a mission. I love this. This is so 21st century. A strong woman is furious at the “most powerful man in the United States” slandering her husband on social media. She is going after that “most powerful man” by meeting with an official who could help with the actual problem.

Meanwhile, that strong woman is married to a man strong enough to have no problem at all taking a step back and watching her work. It appears to this writer that Joe Scarborough doesn’t feel in any way “threatened” or diminished by his wife’s strength, and feels plenty secure enough in himself. Imagine that, Donald?

Mika is taking the ball and running with it, according to Mediaite. Mika has set-up a meeting with Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s General Counsel’s office.

For the past few weeks, Trump has attacked Morning Joe’s critical coverage on him by repeatedly dredging up a conspiracy theory accusation that Joe Scarborough, Brzezinski’s co-host and husband, murdered Lori Klausutis when she was his congressional intern. After blasting Trump as a “sick person” at the end of Morning Joe’s Wednesday program, Brzezinski told her social media followers that she was reaching out to Twitter to demand an answer for why Trump’s tweets are allowed.

And brilliantly, Mika used Twitter to get it all going:

Perfectly valid question because many have been banned for far less.

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Ah, calling upon an army – always smart, the sign of a leader.

She goes straight to the person who would have to step in if the president of the U.S. is involved in the question.

Yes, it is – and she is making it personal to Dorsey because the cause is personal to her.

She got a little bit out in front of her skis, just a small slip, maybe:

And then triumph, at least with respect to being heard, which is the only part that is within her control:

I am going to show my daughter this thread. I would also ask all you with sons, to show them, too. Because, first – this is the type of woman you want to be around. And second, a real man is strong enough and secure enough to know that it is a good thing to operate as a team, and there are times when a real man does stand back and watch his partner take charge. Such action, or inaction, when secure in who you are, is to be admired.

Mika, thank you for being an example to girls everywhere, keep fighting. Joe, nice job, my man.


Peace, y’all


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