People Disgusted After Insider Reveals the Gross Comments Trump Made About Daughter Tiffany When She Was a Baby

On the one hand, you’re embarrassed to even write the headline because no, the United States is not going to fall due to some incalculably stupid and sick thing Trump said almost thirty years ago. But on the other hand, one really can’t appreciate the man’s insanity without noting these details. Trump just isn’t “normal” by any measure.

Yesterday we reported that Tweety Trump, who will comment upon anything, had yet to say a word about the fact that his daughter Tiffany just graduated from Georgetown’s law school. Someone in the communications office must have mentioned the little “oversight” to Donald because he finally got around to tweeting his congratulations to her, saying the family needed a lawyer.

The notoriously fearless Trump insider, Noel Casler, who worked for the Trump family personally during The Celebrity Apprentice for years said that he didn’t even know Trump had a daughter named Tiffany until Trump ran for president.

Casler then noted that Trump had a pretty sick past when it comes to commenting on Tiffany. Just like Ivanka, Trump focused on Tiffany’s body, when she was one year old:

I am not certain I can envision any man that I know and have befriended even thinking about any aspect of their baby girl’s … anything, ever – even as an adult woman!

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Yet, he did, according to the New York Daily News:

“Well, I think that she’s got a lot of Marla,” he said.”She’s a really beautiful baby, and she’s got Marla’s legs. We don’t know whether she’s got this part yet (gestures toward his chest), but time will tell.”

He comments on legs and breasts, not eyes, nose, hair, smile, and certainly not personality – giggly, inquisitive, anything like that – nope. Tits and asses, that’s all Trump thinks about when it comes to females, even a one-year-old that is his bouncing baby girl.

The creepy comment means Trump is two for two when it comes to fetishizing his daughters’ bodies. The hate-spewing presidential hopeful has repeatedly commented about his oldest daughter Ivanka’s “very nice figure” and suggested he’d date her if he wasn’t her dad.

There is more, but you get the point.

Trump is going to Trump – always. Every woman and girl will be measured in value through sexualization, kind of like how the USDA grades beef. I wouldn’t even show this man a picture of my wonderful 12-year old daughter, who is funny, talented, insightful, and sensitive, a wonderful girl described by an average dad.

Twitter was rightfully disgusted:


Peace, y’all


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