Pure Vindictive, Evil, Hypocrisy: Fox News Implores New York to Open ASAP, While They Safely Work From Home

Our regular three at Fox and Friends invited legal analyst Judge Napolitano to opine on the legality and direction New York City should take on getting itself back to work. One would be wise to note that Judge Napolitano – who has earned some credit with us for being a straight-shooter in the past – didn’t opine on the actual legality of the orders. The judge knows that, as a matter of constitutional law as things now stand, those orders are constitutional, but he did agree it was time to open up the city.

The degree of hypocrisy here is astounding. These people are sitting in their homes, while media has been deemed to be critical infrastructure. If they wanted, they could lawfully be in the studio – and yet they are not, and the reason is that it isn’t safe and they’d prefer to not walk down the street and get sick.

Now, they are correct about a few things, as we can plainly see, from Mediaite:

Quoting the op-ed featured on the cover, Earhardt said “‘The Big Apple is dying. Its streets are empty, tens of thousands have been plunged into poverty. Our leaders have no plans, no answers, New Yorkers have already learned to socially distance, businesses can adjust, the elderly and infirm can continue to be isolated.’ And then in bold letters, ‘It needs to end now!’

Yes! It is outrageous that we took care of corporate America before we ever took care of Americans, and when we did, the answer was “far too little.” Maybe those people in South Dakota that are so proudly “different than New York City” should give the money they received back? They could help New Yorkers, who live in an environment already proven to be quite conducive to shutting things down.

It is also true that “our leaders” don’t have a plan. New York state and city sent more money TO the federal government than it got back! At one point, Cuomo asked “just for the money we sent in” and yet “their” leader, Trump, is doing nothing to help those small businesses. He expects those people to work for it.

And some will get sick and die, some will pass it on to other areas of the country and prolong the problem.

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Small steps should be taken, maybe it’s time to do some things. This, however, isn’t it:

“I could not agree more with that” Napolitano said, apparently speaking from a hunting lodge in the year 1974. “It’s time for all of us to come back to our normal society, with concerns for the spread of the contagion. We can live with social distancing and operate our businesses and go to restaurants and go to work and ride mass transit and liven up those streets again.”

“But we have a mayor in New York that loves asserting power and controlling people,” Napolitano added, echoing the man who posted video of himself being ejected from a Costco the other day.

That is disgusting. It is killing De Blasio to keep the city down. He’s trying to balance two impossible tasks, and to characterize it as a power grab is disgusting. Say that he’s making the wrong choice if necessary – fine, but don’t ever say it is because he loves the power. That is disgusting. The hypocrisy is sickening. Every single one of the people within this conversation is making seven figures per year, and is speaking from their residential homes.

I agree something must be done. But the answer isn’t to simply unleash everyone onto the streets again and “see how it goes.” Moreover, cheering on the police to stand there and watch the law get thrown out the window sure as fck isn’t the answer, either.

As Noam Chomsky just reminded us yesterday. The world faced an economic depression like this in the 30s last century. There were two ways out, fascism, or New Deal liberalism and democracy. We can pick one or the other, and I am tired of the Right-Wing of this country proudly crying for fascism as the means to get “out” of this.


Peace, y’all


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