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Trump Bolts From Briefing After Threatening to ‘Override’ Governors if They Don’t Open Churches ASAP

In a freaking bizarre “press conference,” Trump took to the podium and presented the nation’s governors a choice, open the churches “right now” or face Trump “overriding” the decision, which he has absolutely no power to do.

Trump didn’t take one single question.

He turned and walked off. Perhaps the White House is concerned about the many many gaffes lately, or about his level of anger in dealing with the press, which could ask a ton of difficult questions right now.

Of course, we know that there is some sort of justification for the services he named and there is the consideration that liquor stores can be open without people lingering in and around each other.

The anger was palpable and inexplicable. If he feels the need to do this, whatever, do it. It’s going to be their problem, for the most part. But was the anger for show? Or are the polls and the pressure getting to him?

He doesn’t have the power to do this, as we said up top. He himself has acknowledged as such by stating that the “testing” and phasing were “on the governors,” and then of course, because it is Donald Trump, he has been undermining them ever since. Ironically, Trump’s approval ratings are lower than every single governor in the nation with one exception – Governor Kemp of Georgia, where they are TIED because Georgia is out in front of its skis, like Trump.

This decision will be extremely popular with white southerners, the most hardened of Trump’s base, so it’s not like it is even buys him political points. (Were they voting for Biden before?) But the thing that is terrifying is that it is with white southerners where Trump has the most influence, the people most likely to flaunt all the rules and social distancing guidelines. So it is also no “surprise” that the southeast is the newest national hotspot!


Having HIS supporters “freed” just makes life that much harder for those of us that live around them. The chances of me dying of this disease just shot up.

More feedback because we’re not ending on this, she is not “safe,” nor is my family because of this even though we don’t go into those churches.


He has never really been to church – only political rallies.

Bottom line. Some governors are going to bend over, as they always do, for Trump, some will not. I am looking for strong governors like Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom, and Inslee to lead the way.


Peace, y’all


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