Trump Flips Out on Air Force One and Tweets That Fox News Isn’t Working Hard Enough to Get Him Re-Elected

Oh my.

As I said just a day ago, this is not your usual biannual lovers’ quarrel between co-dependent couple Donald Trump and Fox News.

We have seen those come and go. It gets all hot and angry, Trump sleeps with OANN on TV for a few nights.

But then Trump and Fox News decide that they would rather live with hating each other than go out on their own and grow-up. This is not one of those fights. This one might be for real.

What is different this time?

Easy. Murdoch money might well be on the line this time. The Murdochs are not dumb. They know that the United States is one litigious society. The Murdochs can picture the United States in May of 2021, now crossing 750,000 dead after “the lost winter,” President Biden is calling for a “Warren Commission” type of study into how it was that the United States lost so many people while also bankrupting the world economy, and some evidence will come out about the positive feedback loop in phone calls back and forth between former president Trump’s White House and the Fox offices. Families of loved ones who died because it was all a “hoax” and-or took hydroxychloroquine and died, will sue the ever-living shit out of Fox News.

Is that guaranteed to happen? Not at all. Could it? Absolutely. And that is why this fight is different. And mind you, Trump is tweeting this from Air Force One as he flies to visit a Ford factory in Michigan.

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And he wasn’t done, obviously:

Oh, please to be fcking off now!

Though Trump named all those terrible Democratic boogeymen, this tweet might have been referencing something that happened last night – Trump just can’t say it out loud.

Last night, Mark Cuban went on Sean Hannity’s show and explained to Hannity that Trump is a terrible president because all Trump ever does is “play the victim card.” Cuban said, “Trump is the most powerful man on earth, he should quit whining and get out and lead.” Hannity tried to defend Trump with a lie, “they spied on him!” and Cuban dropped a bomb: “So what! That’s in the past. We are in a crisis, lead!”

Hannity had to sit through it and maybe even heard something that might’ve caused a small pit in the tummy. Now Hannity is checking his twitter feed and watching the dollar signs fall, going to OANN.

I wonder if he wonders … This fight is different. The “feedback” was reliably hilarious:

THIS is what makes this fight different:

THIS is what makes this fight different.

All he does is whine:

It is always someone’s fault:

I hope we persuaded you, this is a wonderful fight to watch because these two needed to break-up long ago. It would be wonderful if Fox swore off Trump, and found a new guy, someone who spoke respectfully and didn’t abuse it.


Peace, y’all


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