Trump Just Repeated His Favorite (and Easily Debunked) Lie: He Was Michigan’s Man of the Year

If you’re a college sports fan, you know the answer to “What’s a ‘Michigan Man.'” And if you don’t, you have a life and don’t worry about it.

Trump is not a Michigan Man in sports or even in the normal sense, and yet he continually tells the same damned lie over and over again.


It is so pathetic that a man this insecure is President of the United States. I would pay to see each high-ranking Democratic official and ex-president: Obama, Clinton(s), Carter, Holder, Rice, Lynch, Pelosi … stand up and with all the self-assurance in the world and say into a camera: “I have never been named a state’s person of the year” and laugh. I suspect Trump would be totally befuddled: “Why are they admitting they’re not as good as me?” The real nation would be on their asses laughing at him … just like the rest of the world.

Anyway …

Really? Let me ask Trump a question.

Who was the Man of the Year in Michigan who honored you? How did he honor a person that can’t speak functional English? And what was the honor? Flowers?

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Of course, once one runs this through the Trump Translator, he’s trying to say that “Michigan” named him “Man of the Year” because that is supposed to really impress us. If he ran a charity out of downtown Detroit helping people get out of homelessness and the Michigan legislature passed a resolution naming him to the title, maybe it would be impressive. We have no such worries. He wouldn’t do that.

Plus it’s all a lie.


This is what we did find: It appears that Trump is referring to a 2013 dinner hosted by a county Republican Party organization, which presented him with token gifts – including a statuette of Abraham Lincoln. But a former Republican congressman who organized the dinner said Trump did not receive an award, and the group has never given out “man of the year” awards.

And you thought Republicans were against “Participation Trophies!”

The boast is politically expedient;

And that’s how you know it’s a lie. If Trump says something about himself that sounds very good it is far more likely than not it is a lie. We can’t counter-check that with him saying something bad about himself because he’ll never talk about negative stuff.

Two massive embarrassments:

One: This lie has been debunked countless times over the years.

Two: He STILL feels the need to tell it!!

He is the president of the United States and one would think that would be sufficient, enough he doesn’t have to tell the Rotary trophy story anymore. But, if you know your sports history, he’ll never be a “Michigan Man.” Somewhere in the Big Blue Beyond, Bo Schembechlar is shaking his head in fury.


Peace, y’all


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