Trump Refuses to Stop: Goes on Disgusting Rant About Joe Scarborough and ‘Future Ex-Wife’ Mika

Despite calls from literally everywhere, including the family of Lori Klausutis who died due to natural causes within Joe Scarborough’s office, begging Trump to stop putting them through this hell while smearing this woman’s life 19 years after she died, Trump did it again.

He is putting out more tweets after a scathing Op-Ed in this morning’s NYT indicating that Twitter is about to step-in with some kind of prohibition or some kind of disclaimer regarding Trump’s baseless accusations. He still put out two more vicious, self-serving tweets.

Americans are in a fury because he’s beyond reckless. He is beyond vindictive. He is beyond control. Thousands near-instantly called this out as true vile evilness because he has no concern at all about the pain he is putting this family through and the libel of the Joe and Mika Scarborough.

From 9:30 this morning:

And, incredibly:

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He won’t “bring them up” while he brings them up? And there are no questions at all about whether “Joe could do such a thing.” It is a medical “fact” that Joe didn’t do such a thing. Trump, the president who can practically order Florida’s governor around and have DeSantis act, is calling for a vindictive, punitive, and baseless investigation – putting the poor woman’s family through living hell, all because he doesn’t like what Joe and Mika have said about his presidency on the morning show.

Trump is always the victim, always looking to punish anyone who says anything bad about him. “Nutjob?” Coming from the man who simply cannot handle any criticism?

Americans roared back in a furious response already, and we’re now ten minutes into the response:

“Disgusting” is exactly right.

Twitter must act today. Trump has heard from the family. Twitter has heard from the family. It acted as a warning and Trump is still going.

Yes, doing everything he can to distract from 100,000 dead.

That’s right. If there wasn’t an entire infrastructure built up around him to protect his own worst instincts from having consequences, he would have been silenced and either punished or treated medically.

He doesn’t believe that just yet. He can’t process such things, but he does realize that he very well could lose and he’s panicking.

There are now hundreds of people directly pleading with Twitter. One wonders if a total ban would help Trump more than hurt him. He wants to play the victim. But that doesn’t mean they can’t punish this stuff. Kick him off for a week.

Please watch this again and send it everywhere once again:

I am as mad at him as I’ve ever been. We will pass 100,000 dead today. Yet the family of just one dead woman is begging him with tears to stop. He won’t, he is simply that evil.


Peace, y’all


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