Trump Reportedly Melting into Narcissistic Rage in WH: ‘Why Can’t I Do Rallies?’

There is a schadenfreude side to this where one might revel in the pain Trump must feel, seeing it all slip away, knowing what he knows about all the shit he’s pulled over the last four years (Pro-Tip: Saudi Arabia cash will be the scandal that follows him till death). And I’m as susceptible to it as anyone.

Still, it is also intensely frightening to know we’re going through the crisis of our lifetimes, one that Trump has ordered to be handled with “Operation Warp Speed” due to his personal needs, with the opportunities for unmitigated disasters of the type that takes two generations from which to recover, not two election cycles, all with “no one home,” no one leading, no one calling the shots. It is possible “Jared” is more “president” right now than Don. And we wouldn’t be able to tell if that’s good or bad.

Anyway, those reports are real and increasing according to an insightful article in Rawstory:

But this past week feels qualitatively and quantitatively different, as has fired a series of inspector generals, lashed out at the reliably sycophantic Sen. Lindsey Graham, pushed a number of snake-oil cures for Covid-19 and threatened to cut off federal funding to several states for the “crime” of sending voters applications for absentee ballots, which he insists against all evidence are rife with fraud. He’s lurched between falsely bragging about the number of people we’re testing for Covid-19 and saying that we’re testing too many; between claiming that we’ll have a vaccine by November and insisting that the pandemic will just disappear without a vaccine.

That is quite the basket of rotten eggs that Trump has gathered, and we’ve seen it all play out before our eyes. Left unmentioned is the fact that there have been a handful of instances where those of us who watch and listen to him daily have seen him look physically … bad, and I mean “noticeably worse” bad.

There is also this tidbit, the most singularly damning fact demanding the use of the 25th Amendment we’ve seen thus far:

In recent meetings with top campaign officials and White House aides, Trump has questioned why he’s avoiding campaign events if it‘s safe for him to travel in his official capacity.

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Sweet Jesus, he doesn’t “get it” – people are dying, and he’s wondering why he can’t go give rallies?

Those are the words of a clinical narcissist. Trump, who travels with a large security contingent on his own regularly disinfected aircraft, has a 24-hour medical staff and never interacts with anyone who hasn’t undergone a rapid antibody test, simply cannot fathom why he shouldn’t hold rallies if it’s safe for him to do so. He’s incapable of even acknowledging that other people exist and have their own needs, and apparently it hasn’t occurred to him that his cultists would be endangered if they were crammed into an arena shouting at the top of their lungs and expressing microdroplets all over each other in the process.

It sounds to me like the “only” way to get it through to him is by telling him that each person infected at a rally might be too dead or too comatose on a ventilator to vote for him. Only then might he say “Ah, I see now. ‘Hurts me to do it.”

He’s experiencing depression and narcissistic rage, and it’s only going to get worse as it becomes clear that we aren’t going to see a rapid “V-shape” economic recovery and Covid-19 isn’t just going to “disappear.” Trump has immense power and is as dangerous as a cornered animal. It’s going to be a long summer.

Long summer? Shit, the last thing that I am worried about is “this summer.” We will make it through this summer even if Trump ODs on something. I am far more worried about “next winter,” even after a Trump loss, in fact, perhaps especially after a Trump loss, because I don’t trust the mother fffff. When COVID comes at us with a rage, after we’ve opened schools, and vaccines aren’t yet ready, we could experience the “Lost Winter” that I’ve read some epidemiologists fear.

Anyway, he’s melting down, and it’s going to get worse. We’re also talking about a man who can’t figure out why he can’t do rallies if he’s now traveling safely. That tells us how much he has decompensated – a lot. He used to have a nose for what might hurt him. No more.


Peace, y’all


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