Trump Will Eventually Have a Presidential Library and Twitter is Speculating What Will Be In It

In case you are not a political nerd, it’s important to know that the presidential libraries are not “all” monuments to self-aggrandization – though they are a lot of that, too.

The well-managed ones do serve a fairly important function. Presidential libraries are meant to be a center for scholarship, a one-stop-shop for writers and researchers, who need access to the primary materials and documents.

The research might not even involve that particular president, indeed I doubt that over half of the research done at these centers even includes a focus on the actual president, most would be on the impact of certain policies down the line.

Here is the interesting part. Though the libraries are loosely associated with the national archives, most of the funding comes from money raised by the actual president from donors – some wealthy, some not. In fact, Obama’s presidential center in Chicago’s southside is the first that will use no federal money at all, according to wiki:

In May 2017, it was announced that the Barack Obama Presidential Center, the planned location of the presidential library of Barack Obama, would not be part of the NARA system, making Obama the first president since Calvin Coolidge not to have a federally funded facility.[10] Instead, in a “new model” the nonprofit Obama Foundation will partner with the NARA on digitization and making documents available.[1] The Chicago Park District began related construction in August and suspended it in September 2018. It was announced that the city of Chicago would own the Center.[11][12]

One of the few things we know about Trump is that he has to outdo Obama at every corner, and always loses.

One of the other few things we know about Trump is that he friggin hates to spend money on anything but his own gluttonous needs. This is a man who isn’t legally allowed to run a charity in New York. Which, if he follows Obama’s model and goes 501(c)(3) non-profit, brings up an interesting question as to whether he could even legally put it in New York!

But an even bigger question, the question asked on the net, is can you even imagine Trump having a presidential library? Or caring about having one? The only conceivable way that Trump will care about having a presidential library is the Obama factor. Trump will ask “how big is Obama’s?” and everyone will laugh.

But the other funny thing is that this man is infamous for suppressing everything. 

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Before we get to the hilarious, let me make a small prediction. Trump is not a young man and will not have a long “post-presidential life” like Carter, Clinton and Obama. So it will be of little real interest to Trump who may not even really be around if you know what I mean. But, provided this country goes back to semi-normal and doesn’t enter the New Dark Ages, there will be a Donald Trump presidential library. It just may be funded by someone else, like Jeff Bezos, or Barack Obama.

If and when we go back to something like normal, the Donald Trump presidency will be the most-studied presidency of all time. There will be a presidential center and there will be a shitload of study going on. “How did this happen? And, “What the hell all did happen?”

Anyway, now the fun part. Twitter asked:

None from Donald Trump.

And off they went!

I will add the obligatory comment that any country where each party hopes to imprison the other party is destined to fail as a democracy – not that the Trump’s shouldn’t be prosecuted, but we are going down a dangerous road.

There are so many more fantastic LMFAO level responses, highly recommended as a distraction.


Peace, y’all


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