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Trump’s Ex-Wife Maria Maples Has Been Quietly Trying to Advise Trump on Coronavirus Crisis

And you thought it was only Donald that came up with such solid “out of the box” type of approaches to fighting COVID, the IV bleach (or oral if your tolerance is low) and the tanning bed light up the … the point is, it isn’t “just” Trump coming up with great ideas to pass on to the “doctors.”

Maybe some “good genes” were passed between Marla and Donald when they did their “mixing” because Donald’s “ex” (one of them) has been filling up the CDC tip line established to invite feedback.

Marla Maples and her friends have been busy helping us figure out the COVID crisis. From The Daily Beast:

In an effort to combat the coronavirus, the Trump administration has cast a wide net, soliciting ideas from industry leaders, family-connected doctors, foreign officials, TV personalities, and fresh-out-of-college consultants to help solve crises around testing and medical supplies. They also set up an email tipline, on the off chance that someone might send a proverbial silver bullet.

Yes, that seems sensible. They just didn’t know what they were getting into now in the age of “Trump.” No one at The Daily Beast was able to get the actual tips sent in by Marla, but they did note that most of her social messaging stuff focuses on vitamin “remedies” and spiritual stuff, which – we probably should note – has not contributed to the death of anyone, as opposed to the ideas Trump himself has “trumpeted.”

But some of Marla’s friends seem a little bit more “out there.”

Another Maples associate, Shiva Ayyadurai, is also trying to get his plan to Trump’s desk. Ayyadurai—who likes to go by “Dr. Shiva” and has made the widely challenged claim that he is the “Inventor of Email”—is also known online for championing an unsubstantiated vitamin treatment for the coronavirus, and has alleged that Anthony Fauci, a member of Trump’s coronavirus task force, is a nefarious cog of the anti-Trump “deep state.” Shiva, who is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, is also a crusader against vaccines, and is locked in a feud with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., one of the country’s more prominent anti-vaccine advocates.

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Yes, well, when you get a bunch of Trumpers together, they are going to come up with some of the Trumpiest solutions, and though Dr. Fauci is not some nefarious cog, he is “deep state” in the sense that he’s in the job doing what he’s supposed to be doing and not a Trump loyalist, all reasons that Trumpers want him gone.

Other friends took a more “sure means” to get their views in front of Trump:

Epstein, a psychologist whose study on alleged bias in Google search results attracted the attention of anti-Big Tech conservatives and President Trump himself, told The Daily Beast that he is “not a Trump supporter by any means,” but that he’s been trying to get his plan on coronavirus mass-testing in front of the president for weeks. As part of his efforts, he has gotten himself booked on conservative media that the president consumes. Epstein appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show—one of Trump’s favorite cable-news programs—to discuss testing and re-opening the U.S. economy.

Mass testing sounds great to me, but I don’t see it as some unique solution, though it sounds like Epstein wants to do every American on the same day. I am fine with that idea, but right now we can’t get one million tests per day, never mind over three hundred million.

Meanwhile, Marla is ensconced in her spirituality and wellness, which is a great place for her to be, in my opinion, because she may be the only one who seems happy.

“This is the time to believe unlimited miracles are available. It’s up to us,” she posted to Instagram in late April. “Every time darkness is present there is the potential of the opposite of this… Hold the vision for miraculous alignments in your life.”

I have checked today’s Washington Post and no one has been killed by prayers or spiritual experiences. But it appears that hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin have killed quite a few people, needlessly.


Peace, y’all


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