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Trump’s Up Late Crying on Twitter About the ‘Vicious’ and ‘Stupid’ Attorney General of Michigan

My God, this man. Every time he says something like this, I try to picture a woman doing it. I try to picture Obama doing it. I then ask myself why it is that he’s seen as “strong” by the Right. Is it just because he’ll say whatever is on his mind, never mind that it’s stupid and babyish?

He is the president of the United States. One would think that an interview with the Michigan Attorney General might be something that he could let just “lie” or maybe even brush off. After all, you wouldn’t think that the president of the U.S. would spend a ton of time worrying about what local officials have to say.

Of course, that’s not Trump, no slight is too small to overplay.

Earlier in the day, Michigan’s A.G. Dana Nessel stated to Wolf Blizter that as far as she was concerned Trump need not come back to Michigan (agreeing with Blizter) and then said she would have to speak to Ford Motor Company because extensive discussions had gone on with the union about having Trump – and the entire entourage of staff, media, and secret service, trampling all over their plant – as a campaign stop. Apparently Ford management just breached those discussions.

Regardless, her attack was “vicious”!

Shut up. Why can’t you just do your job and stop butting into everyone else’s?

Must he comment on literally everything?

Oh and he wasn’t done. His next tweet called Nessel a “do-nothing” AG and that she was stupid and angry. Oh, the projection!!

Some pertinent points were made in reaction, as one might expect.

But moreover, this actually wasn’t some petty or tiny slip. IF it was just “one” guy walking through without a mask, maybe you could let it go. But try to imagine the number of people traveling with Trump. I can see why the union didn’t want them there and had concerns, and then Trump went and broke the deal. Why shouldn’t Ford be held to account?

Because Trump believes that rules are for other people. He has never once been held accountable, even bankruptcy is shedding accountability.

People noticed:

I always try to end with something good for those of the regulars that follow all to the bottom:

Peace, y’all


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