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While Joe Biden Meets With Protesters, Trump Hides in the White House and Tweets ‘LAW & ORDER!’

Joe Biden went out and met with protesters today while keeping the social distancing guidelines put in place by the Trump administration, or what they call “the president’s guidelines.”

Biden is acting presidential, trying to heal wounds. Trump is acting like a slasher, trying to inflict them. They have both done their “jobs” today, befitting their personalities.

A prominent writer-historian warns us that the dynamic we see now is nothing but a dry run for what’s coming in the days before the election, and – more horrifically, what we might see through November, should Trump lose.

First, let’s begin with the leader and how he spent his day. True, Biden isn’t president, yet, and so he can move a little more freely. But it is hard to imagine Joe not doing something like this, even as president.

Yes, Trump is hiding away. Unfortunately, wherever Trump is hiding, deep in his bunker, he can still get a cellphone signal – probably so Vlad can reach him. Trump has been tweeting in a rage, all day. He’s never looked smaller.

Trump’s latest:

Great. The above tweet followed upon the below tweet, a tweet that was perhaps a more horrific, designed to rip people apart further:

Jesus, “stopped, ’em cold!” Trump sounds like the guy that wants to be a general except he was too afraid to go into the military. Or a football coach, one who is simply trying to win on an athletic field, not addressing horrific clashes between human beings.

Now the truly scary part. Beschloss is a prominent author, scholar, and historian. He isn’t kidding around, he’s not a flamethrower.

The Republicans should be on notice now (not that they weren’t throughout this administration). The GOP, especially in the senate, are looking at diving polls, and one has to believe that stuff like this will turn off more and more purple voters. The GOP best get a hold of themselves and put an increasing amount of distance between themselves and Trump. Only the GOP can give him the message that he cannot pull this in November.


Peace, y’all


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