White House Officials ‘Afraid’ to Tell Trump that RNC Convention in North Carolina May Not Be Possible

How comforting.

White House officials are afraid to present Donald Trump with the possibility that it may be impossible – or at least a horrific idea – to pack an arena full of 20,000 people, all for his glorification.

There is very little serious business to be done at an RNC convention in the age of Trump.

The Republicans can argue and vote upon their platform until they’re “blue” in their face and lungs, but Republican policy is whatever Trump says on any given day. The entire exercise would be five days dedicated to his exaltation, and that’s precisely the problem.

He desperately wants that glory, the narcissistic rush appearing in the high wattage atmosphere. He wants it so much so that people are afraid to even discuss the matter with him. Sound like a dictatorship yet? From Rawstory and The Daily Beast:

According to a report from the Daily Beast, the Republican National Committee is still throwing millions of dollars at plans to hold the 2020 convention in Charlotte despite concerns about the coronavirus pandemic that could turn it from a high profile coronation of Donald Trump to an intimate affair where the president might have to accept the nomination via video.

And, as one White House insider confessed, that latter scenario is likely to infuriate the president.

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Right. Because from the very beginning the entire exercise has been one to feed Trump’s narcissism. We recently reported that Trump couldn’t figure out why he can’t do rallies. He argued that they’ve told him it is safe for him to travel, so what’s the problem? Trump never considers others.

“Trump’s desire to have some sort of coronation moment fits his love of pageantry and spectacle. But various staffers working on plotting the Republican gathering aren’t quite so optimistic that it’s doable, knowing that they are entirely at the mercy of the virus and that the convention may end up even sparser than some expected, ” the report states before adding that one White House official said they want no part in having to break the news to the volatile president.

“Envisioning a scenario in which a disappointed, possibly angry Trump is informed he would have to be livestreamed into his own convention, one White House official admitted, “I don’t want to be the one to tell the president.”


This person should be terrified to live in a nation lead by someone so petulant and childish. He is not “volatile,” he is insane and unable to lead a modern government. None of them seem to recognize that they’re telegraphing just how far we’ve descended into complete and utter madness. Do they not read this report and realize, “We at Kim Jung-un levels of madness, we have chosen someone to lead who is so into himself that people are afraid to give him real information because he might roar in fury and fire them or insult them?”

It is impossible to even know what to say anymore. The one and only way they will get through to him on this issue would be to present the following scenario to him. “Imagine people leaving the convention and suddenly coming down sick all over the country, imagine the media getting a hold of that fact and pinning it on you!” He will only be convinced when he sees it hurting him.

They are afraid of him. But they’re afraid of him for the wrong reasons. They ought to see the danger of having someone like Trump leading the country, and fear for everyone, not just themselves.


Peace, y’all


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