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Americans Furious After Trump Screams on Twitter that Joe Biden is a ‘Low IQ’ Person

Donald Trump warned voters on Sunday that electing “low IQ” Joe Biden in November would result in the United States being overrun by illegal immigrants as recent polls give the Democrat a significant edge.


“We will win this Election big. Nobody wants a Low IQ person in charge of our Country, and Sleepy Joe is definitely a Low IQ person!”

And by saying the “silent majority” Trump is referring to people apparently too embarrassed to admit they support Trump publicly.

In another tweet, Trump claimed: “Corrupt Joe Biden has confirmed that he ‘would give UNLIMITED Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants’.

“This would break our system and bring millions of people to the USA.”

The tweet included a reference to Fox & Friends, the popular morning news show that Trump watches routinely on the Fox News Channel.

Last year, Biden’s campaign unveiled a health care plan that goes beyond Obamacare but stops short of the mass overhaul supported by progressives like Senator Bernie Sanders.

Biden’s plan calls for a “public option” that would give virtually everyone the choice of a government plan like Medicare, as an alternative to private coverage, not a substitute.

Biden’s plan would also allow undocumented immigrants to buy into the public option, though their care would not be government-subsidized.

Nonetheless, Biden’s plan goes further than Obamacare, known officially as the Affordable Care Act, which did not allow undocumented immigrants to buy into the system.

Biden would provide more generous subsidies for Obamacare’s private policies, also lowering deductibles and copays.

He’d let solidly middle-class people qualify for help paying their premiums, responding to complaints that they’re now priced out.

People on Twitter were furious that Trump called Biden “Low IQ” when Trump was the one who publicly suggested injecting bleach to cure the coronavirus.