Americans Outraged Over Trump Betraying American Soldiers in Russia-Bounty Bombshell, ‘He is a Grotesque and Vile Man!’

It may seem ridiculous to say but we might be looking at Trump’s last two weeks in office. Before anyone scoffs, it is recommended that one look at the seriousness of what is coming out from the New York Times (below), regarding the Russians paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan (19 U.S. soldiers were killed in 2019), reports that Trump knew about the program in March of this year, in the time since, Trump invited the Russians back into the G8, while doing nothing about the program, all of it is happening while the SCOTUS case concerning Trump’s taxes is due this week or next and Trump’s approval ratings hit bottom amid COVID’s return and BLM.

There is a scenario whereby the SCOTUS decides that Trump must hand his tax returns to Congress and-or the NY State Attorney General, with Trump fighting such an order. Any time Trump’s taxes are in the news, talk turns to why he is so resistant to turning them over. Speculation always runs to financial entanglements with Russia. This time, that attention will come while Americans learn more about the troops in harm’s way that Trump failed to protect from Russian-hired fire. It will look to all the world like Trump refused to confront Putin about killing Americans because Trump has business in Russia. (More Below).

It looks like Trump allowed Russians to put American lives up for sale out of fear of crossing Putin.

All of that comes out in the environment where the nation is suffering from all-time COVID highs. Trump poll ratings had already gone to the high 30s, with a 14 point spread between him and Biden. What if Trump goes to 34% approval and an 18 point spread between him and Biden?

There is a scenario whereby Trump doesn’t survive as president through July, possibly the next two weeks. This isn’t a good thing, necessarily. Trump is the most easily defeated Republican right now and he wouldn’t leave without a pardon from Pence.

This is the White House’s first response, which no one is believing. But notice that they aren’t denying the bounties:

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Twitter is aghast about the new revelations:

Who knows?

Yes. Listen to Michael McFaul.

Europeans confirm the plot:


Impeachment again? Only this time there would be evidence.

We will see what happens.

Right now, it would seem to be 50-50 that Trump is in office as president two weeks from today.


Peace, y’all
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