As Nation Scrambles Over Russian Revelations, Trump Goes Golfing With Lindsey Graham and People Want to Know Why

The story rocking the entire world, and especially social media on the net, is the new paradigm shift concerning Russia and Trump’s denials. The other huge story is that COVID is back with a vengeance (not that it ever left). Both stories demand action now.

The White House says that Trump wasn’t made aware of the Russian bounties. Lindsey Graham says that the story demands an investigation by Congress to determine what all happened: (More below the tweet)

Well, okay. But we don’t think that Graham actually believes that the White House never got reports on the program. If the US intel community didn’t report to Trump on it, perhaps Graham and Trump can ask foreign intelligence services that surely know of the program and know what Trump knew because it is critical for Graham to understand the importance of all this.

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So what did Graham and Trump do this morning? Did they get everyone in the Situation Room and start reviewing intelligence and options? Is Trump firing people left and right in the intelligence community for failing him, is he demanding answers?


But something is happening, and it should be watched carefully.

It is odd that at the lowest point in Trump’s presidency, where we at this site are already on record stating that it is dicey (5o-5o) that Trump makes it through July, that Graham goes golfing this morning with Trump. This may be an intervention, the point where Graham tells Trump that the GOP Senate can no longer support Trump and it is time to either reverse course 180 degrees in the campaign, shape up, or to begin the process by which he can step down.

Anyone doubting that things are about to get infinitely worse for Trump needs only watch Pelosi break down the issue and see what Trump is about to face:

The revelations are only going to get worse. We have Trump’s tax case coming out Monday or Wed, Mary Trump’s book, the Russian revelations, and COVID is raging. Graham may be out on the golf course to tell Trump that he’s lost the support of the GOP senate.


Peace, y’all
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