Conservative Commentator: Trump Prefers a Second Civil War Over Losing Reelection

Trump had an epiphany on Monday. For now, we’re going to ignore the fact that this awakening happened on the same day that he had a phone call with Vladimir Putin, according to a report coming out of the Kremlin, not the White House. Trump opened his eyes to a few things. He was behind in all the polls. He became furious that the story about the bunker revealed too much about this terrified little man. Last, he realized that whatever success he has had in politics has been the result of effectively dividing people into such wide chasms that he can eke out a victory on the back of the Electoral College.

Thus it was that Trump turned away from any action that could be construed as “healing,” or “understanding,” to bring the nation together. Nope, Donald Trump went with his “gut,” and declared war on the people making him look bad in the hope that he’d please his base so much that he gained a few points on Joe Biden. The presidential election is his singular focus. And, according to a new column in the Daily Beast, Trump would rather hurl the nation into another civil war rather than lose the election:

Trump’s words and actions on Monday night will fan the flames of anger and incite more violence. This is not an accidental byproduct. It’s the goal. We’re inching toward civil war land. Trump is trying to divide us between liberal and conservative, between rural and urban, between white and black, and between those who want to end police abuse and those who want to end rioting and lawlessness…

It sounds exactly right, what we’ve felt in our gut and seen with our eyes. We have contemplated the thought for a long time.

…If you think this result would backfire on Trump, causing decent people to recoil from the American carnage, you haven’t been paying attention. Trump has never been about peace and comity. He has never been about persuading. He wants us afraid. He wants us angry. He wants us divided. This isn’t just a nicety if he’s going to turn out his base in November; it’s a necessary ingredient.

Yep. Trump has divided all his life. The people that like him or can help him make money are good people. The rest are losers. So, of course, his only real reaction to all this is to divide people further. Go hard.

What we hope is that the 3-5% of the electorate that didn’t like him but decided to “give him a shot” because they didn’t like Hillary will be turned against Trump. Because as we reported earlier in the day, the hard hard base that Trump appeals to is somewhere around 38-44%.

If you don’t believe he’s out to divide, consider the fact that Trump’s remarks made only passing reference to George Floyd (you know, the guy the police killed, sparking the protests?), and did nothing to assuage the protesters’ concerns about police abuse. Instead, he went out of his way to basically dare them to defy him, while giving his “law and order” base the equivalent of riot p0rn.

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Exactly. Despite the fact that most, by far, protests around the country are peaceful and all have legitimate grievances (except the white supremacists using this as cover), Trump decided to make all protesters the enemy and evidence by him basically shooting up a peaceful protest in front of the White House to get his g-damed picture taken.

He will do nothing but divide us from here on out. We know he isn’t capable of doing anything else. We also know that he’s going to feed that base, feed it, feed it, trying to get over the victory line. If it’s a close election, we’ll have real problems. This was just a dry run. He’s a divider and doesn’t mind being in the minority, so long as he’s in charge.


Peace, y’all
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