Even Pat Robertson Is Turning On Trump Now: ‘You Just Don’t Do That, Mr. President!’

The 700 Club’s Pat Robertson, like many other televangelists, usually has plenty of praise for President Donald Trump, but yesterday he became one of an increasing number religious leaders sharply criticizing Trump for his handling of nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

Robertson, a former GOP political candidate, used the opening of his show to slam Trump’s “law and order” approach to the situation, The Washington Post reports.

“It seems like now is the time to say, ‘I understand your pain, I want to comfort you, I think it’s time we love each other,” he said. “But the president took a different course. He said, ‘I am the president of lawn and order,’ and he issued a heads-up.”

Robertson also criticized Trump’s calling the nation’s governors “weak” during a conference call with them on Monday.

“[The president] said, I’m ready to send in military troops if the nation’s governors don’t act to quell the violence that has rocked American cities.’ In a matter of fact, he spoke of [the governors] as being jerks,” Robertson said. “You just don’t do that Mr. President. It isn’t cool!”

Then Robertson asked his audience a rhetorical question: Does the president have the authority to call in the troops? To answer that question, you have to go back to the days before the Civil War to find an ordinance granting a president permission to do that, he concluded.

“We are all one race, and we need to love each other,” he said in regards to the protests. He reminded viewers that the gatherings could result in the spread of coronavirus.

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Robertson has been one of the main instigators of the religious right, which has helped propel Trump to power, so it’s interesting that he seems to be doing an about-face here. He’s well-known for his controversial remarks and in 2017 he suggested that those who oppose Trump are revolting against God.

So his criticism of the president is a positive thing, but it would be nice if he’d do this more often, rather than lavishing praise on a man who clearly doesn’t deserve it.


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