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Fox News Host: Trump Might ‘Drop Out of the Race’ Because He’s Losing So Much Support

We have been reporting since Friday afternoon that we believe it is 50-50 that Trump makes it through July as president. Indeed, we believe that the most important meeting of Trump’s presidency will occur today when Trump explains himself to GOP congressional leaders, who will be going in to meet with a president plummeting in the polls, consumed with ever-greater scandals, pulling GOP candidates down with him, COVID on the loose more than ever, and yet to be released SCOTUS cases that may impact what Trump must disclose on taxes and financial records.

Now certain anchors on Fox News appear to be waking up to the reality and admitting that Trump may be on his way out the door, well before the election.

We have a transcript from Raw Story [1], highlighting what came out of Fox News this morning in a discussion between Trace Gallagher and John Sununu:

Trace Gallagher made the remarks after a Fox News report speculated [2] that Trump could exit the race “if his poll numbers don’t improve.”

“President Trump’s poll numbers declining in recent weeks amid criticism of his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic,” the Fox News host said, “which is leading some speculation that if his support keeps falling, the president might drop out of the race.”

“Drop out of the race” can be translated as “resigning as president.” There is no conceivable scenario that we can imagine whereby Trump stays on as president but isn’t a candidate for reelection. If Trump decides he can’t win (or it is decided for him), he will almost surely get the hell out of the White House with his pardon in hand – hoping it sticks to cover any and all crimes he may have ever committed as president.

Of course, guest John Sununu disagreed, and even said that no one will judge Trump on how he’s handled COVID to this point, but will judge him on what he does from this point forward.

“The pandemic has been a problem,” he added. “And I think the president and the administration and Republicans across the board running in November have to understand, they’re going to be judged in November, not on how the pandemic was handled from January until now. They’re going to be judged on how it’s handled between now and the election.”

Apparently one has to be versed in “Fox Logic” to figure out why Trump’s handling of COVID up until now doesn’t count but it will start to count now until the election. To the rest of us in the rational world, that makes no sense at all. Trump will be judged on how he handled COVID from beginning to end, no gimmies involved.

Of course, they are also leaving out a lot of critical issues upon which Trump will be judged, from his racism, to the economy, and his subservience to Russia. But Sununu is there to defy reality. Gallagher had it right in saying Trump may not survive unless his polling rebounds and it isn’t going to rebound until Trump turns things around in all areas.

The video is below.