Ivanka Puts Out the Most Self-Impressed Tweet Ever to Remind You She’s Very Important

One of the most infuriating and disgusting aspects of the Trump administration is that way that he’s forced his (very willing) family upon the entire nation as if they all rule us to varying degrees, eerily similar to a monarchy. Trump is running the U.S. government just as he did his business. The MAGA movement believes that Trump successfully ran this giant company with thousands of employees and it was tremendously successful. No, the Trump organization owned and branded properties with partners, and those properties had employees, but the organization as a company itself never had more than 20-30 people in less than two full stories of offices in Trump tower, with his kids playing significant roles as VPs.

Thus Ivanka feels right at home “governmenting” with Daddy! Trump has kicked out many of the advisors that normally surround the president to keep the team tiny, and his kids play a prominent role. Somehow, Ivanka has become a de facto U.S. official with an important portfolio of causes.

In her mind, she is a very important person and she is desperate to remind you that she’s a very important person. Except we all know that this oh-so-pretty “official” is actually a snake that has political plans of her own, bank on it. Check out her tweet from this morning. It screams “I am an important senior government official and player on the world stage!”

I wouldn’t put it past Trump to name her as his running mate. Probably not, but I wouldn’t put it past him.

That, dear readers, is a campaign commercial by someone who doesn’t hold office, isn’t qualified to hold office, isn’t competent enough to hold office, and yet will not let it stop her. She is every bit as dangerous as her father.

The net wasn’t impressed with her self-published commercial:

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God, she is just so impressed with herself. There was NO point in putting this tweet out today, it is irrelevant. But it was likely the highlight of her time as princess and she likely wanted to remind people that she was oh so important a year ago.


Peace, y’all
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