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Kayleigh McEnany Claims ‘Rogue Intelligence Officers’ Might Be Out to Get Trump

We have seen this time and time again. This is exactly what the Trump administration does every single time it is confronted with a scandal in which they did something indefensible. Despite the fact that we knew this excuse was coming, it doesn’t make it less outrageous that Kayleigh McEnany would insult the American people and all this country stands for by making the assertion again today.

Instead of addressing the abhorrent dereliction of duty in failing to protect American troops from a g-damned bounty on their lives, Kayleigh used it as an opportunity to blast “rogue intelligence officers” who obviously “leaked” to undermine god himself, Donald Trump. As if there has never been a leak in government before, and as if the only possible reason to leak anything is to hurt the president.

The leak couldn’t possibly have been motivated by people trying to protect American soldiers since it appears that Trump won’t do it!

When USA Today White House correspondent David Jackson noted that McEnany had referred to the “targeted leaking” to The New York Times, he followed up, asking: “Who is doing the targeting, and why are they doing it?”

“It’s a great question,” McEnany said, providing no evidence to back up her previous accusation. “These are rogue intelligence officers. We will not be able to get — very likely not be able to get a consensus on this intelligence, because of what was leaked to The New York Times. You have both the NSC, ODNI, and CIA all noting what damage this leak does not only to the safety of our troops, which is paramount, but the ability of the United States to aggregate information from our allies and have assets and get this valuable information.”

“Members of [intelligence community] are going after Trump? Is that what you are saying?” Jackson pressed.

“It is possible,” McEnany responded, shifting into pure speculation that dovetails with the president’s long-simmering complaints about a “deep state” conspiracy against him. “If that is the case, it is absolutely despicable.”

First, please to be fcking off now, Kayleigh.

Second, let’s all tell her what is despicable. It is despicable to hear that Russia has bounties out on the heads of American soldiers and yet hear an American official express far more anger about the leak than anger with Russia for paying people to kill Americans.

This administration has YET to express any outrage at RUSSIA!!

Indeed, in her entire statement, Kayleigh didn’t once call out the Russian government, saying anything about “This better not be true because the president will stop at nothing to protect American lives, especially American soldiers.”

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Nope. Nothing like that.

No, the administration’s anger right now is reserved for those who told the world about the program. The administration pathetically acts self-righteous, stating that now they’ll never be able to find out what happened. As if they cared before it was leaked!!

How perfect is the administration summation from their point of view? Now they don’t have to confront Russia. Because the New York Times broke the story – one that has been confirmed and was in the president’s PDB – they just won’t be able to do anything about it. Oh well, tough luck.

This administration poses the greatest threat to American democracy that we’ve seen in at least one hundred years. They are so beholden to Vladimir Putin (and probably MBS) that they’ll get mad at the people that “ratted” (a “snitch”) out the president’s friend.

Kayleigh is shameless. But this is what we’d expect. They get caught in scandalous behavior (behavior that cost American lives) and they blame the “Deep State” and the “media” while calling it a “hoax,” as there is no “consensus.” What they don’t do, what they never do, what they seem incapable of doing, is confront Russia.

That is what they do, and as unsurprising as it is, it doesn’t make it less outrageous.



Peace, y’all
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