Kayleigh McEnany Compares Trump’s Church Photo Op to Bush at Ground Zero After 9/11

Everyone should have the opportunity to watch the horror of a Kayleigh McEnany press conference. She must have studied the dark arts in how to avoid a question while sliding a knife between someone’s ribs.

Kayleigh insists that our eyes deceived us with respect to the police attack in Lafayette Park. Tear gas was not used, even though it was apparent on the video that some sort of gas was used. She also said that rubber bullets were not used, despite the fact that we have seen the bruising on various people from rubber bullets. We saw a peaceful protest dispersed by officers attacking, punching, hitting – all the stuff we’ve seen on video. But the video must be wrong according to Kayleigh.

Kayleigh said that officers had a “right” to do what they did. It’s like she invented the term gaslighting, or the term shameless.

Moving the perimeter back came about due to Barr ordering it on the spot, so she gave two conflicting answers. Officers defending themselves, versus moving the perimeter back.

She listed every single officer hurt or killed across the country, without noting the hundreds of civilians beaten senseless by officers.

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Additionally, and she simply cannot emphasize this enough, we citizens appear incapable of appreciating Trump’s greatness. He is that great. We don’t see it. Kayleigh begs us to appreciate Trump’s perfection, both in his actions and his decisions. Trump is extremely strong and he hasn’t done one thing wrong. He is perfect, if only we could see it.

See? Like Churchill in World War II and Bush rallying the country after 9-11. Trump is like that! The greatness just has to hit you between the eyes. Get it g-damnit!

There is one difference between Churchill and Trump:

Trump is about to dump the FBI director (again) and the Secretary of Defense Esper, again:

She implies that we cannot appreciate the travesty of “spying upon the Trump campaign,” even though the FBI was spying on Russians and the Trump people were lying about it. If you’re not outraged then something’s wrong with you. Trump has all the power in the world to do whatever he wants, but whatever Obama did is an outrage. This, of course, is according to Kayleigh.

But this is what is amazing, Kayleigh actually compared Trump’s pathetic photo op, holding a bible to former President George W. Bush going to Ground Zero after 9/11. Not even close, sis.

Then Kayleigh had the nerve to say that Martin Luther King Jr. would’ve approved of Trump’s photo op:

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