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Kayleigh Says it is the Democrats Fault that the Trump Administration is Trying to Destroy Obamacare

In the midst of all else that is happening, the Trump administration filed a brief with the Supreme Court over the weekend asking the court to strike down the ACA in total, including the provision about pre-existing conditions. Trump says he wants to replace it with something better that covers more and is cheaper. Right. Left unexplained is why Trump can’t do that right now. There is no rule that requires the SCOTUS to strike down Obamacare before a replacement can be written and passed.

Obviously the timing couldn’t possibly be worse, with COVID resurging. But Trump and the GOP may be sensing that everything is falling apart and they’re taking one last shot at their wish list. They want universal healthcare killed for good. Republicans cannot stand it when government programs go out to the poor and actually work. It reminds people that the government can function for good and improve lives. People start to like the law and want to demand more from the government. Thus the Republicans and Trump won’t put forth a new plan because they don’t want a new plan. But because the ACA is popular (especially the pre-existing condition portion) no Republican wants to take the political hit for killing it. They’d prefer the unelected justices with life tenure do it.

Kayleigh McEnany told Fox and Friends that the public will blame Democrats for the ACA’s demise (should it happen) because of course everything bad that happens is the fault of Democrats.

See? Democrats put forth an unconstitutional law according to Kayleigh, which is interesting since the law has twice now been declared constitutional by the SCOTUS. It is the Republicans that have chipped away at it, altering the fundamental provisions trying to make it unconstitutional. Thus they’re back at the SCOTUS screaming “Now is it unconstitutional?”

Far from blaming Democrats, it appears that the public wants more, the public seems ready to demand Medicare for all. Of course, the Republicans are against it because they’d much rather have the billions or trillions in federal dollars go to the very richest Americans rather than sick poor Americans. Republicans don’t have a plan, Trump doesn’t have a plan. Trump has managed to publish a wish list of SCOTUS judges if there are openings in the future, but it’s odd that he hasn’t been able to put forth his “wish list” healthcare plan. “Trust me,” he says. It will be better.

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Yeah, right.

Nice try Kayleigh. But everyone is tired of the lies and the cynical moves to impoverish and terrify Americans.


Peace, y’all
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