Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Is a Rabid Anti-Trumper Who’s Causing Headaches for Her Mother

And here we thought the dynamic between George and Kellyanne Conway was awkward and weird. Little did we know about Claudia Conway, whose Tiktok handle is @shortfakeblonde. Claudia, if you haven’t guessed already, takes on neither of her parents’ political leanings. She is a true blue liberal young woman with a very bright future who cannot stand Donald Trump.

Indeed, Claudia likes to complain that Trump supporters crowd out her Twitter and TikToc feed with mindless postings such as “Trump 2020” while she is doing all she can to get rid of Trump and diminish his businesses.

We have a few clips as examples of her work:

Yes, educating oneself is a fantastic idea, it helps a person form an individual opinion. Educating oneself also helps to answer the most ubiquitous, mindless, self-satisfied, and passive-aggressive response on the net to any political point: “Do your research!”

We haven’t watched that one, though she has a powerful intellect inherited from her parents.

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And speaking of passive-aggressiveness. Here is a great idea straight out of TikTok and sure to drive Trump crazy. Use TikTok teens to rate Trump’s resorts down:

We are willing to bet that Donald Trump wishes that he’d never heard of TikTok at this point, no company can survive continued low ratings whether from customers or angry teens.

Honestly, as the father of a daughter, I would worry as a parent about her being so prominent. There is a lot of anger out in the country now, especially among the MAGA crowd as Trump continues to fall in the polls while making controversial decisions and getting increasingly militant. Having a very attractive young woman with famous parents prominently making videos to rally young people against Trump has garnered a lot of attention. We just hope she’s careful. She definitely seems like the type that can take care of herself, but situations arise …

We do support the effort, and so do many others, but some of the responses are just vicious. We will post one that is harmless:

Strange days.

Makes you long for the Obama administration and Sasha and Malia, doesn’t it? Not that we have anything but support for Claudia, keep going, gurl.


Peace, y’all
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