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‘Matt Gaetz is a Tool’ is Trending on Twitter Because Once Again He Said Something Unbearably Stupid

Matt Gaetz seems to embody the MAGA politician to a “T.” He is a frat boy who inherited his wealth and position, was elected as a MAGA Republican in the most MAGA district in Florida, and has been more willing than all but a few insane GOP congressman to back Trump through any issue, no matter how extreme.

Today, in response to a typical Gaetz tweet meant to support Trump by slamming Joe Biden, the internet turned its laser-like focus on Gaetz. First, let’s set out Gaetz’s tweet that started it all:

Only Matt Gaetz could take a picture of two “In-need-of-a-mental-hold” people and use it as a positive image he wants to be associated with the Right. Who wouldn’t want to be armed like a paramilitary group when Joe Biden’s America sets in?

MS-13 is not next door in your gated community, if you are locked in the house it is because COVID is still raging due to Trump’s earlier horrific policies, the police are coming, we just hope they’re not loaded up in a military tank and not shooting black people in the back or choking them to death.

So that’s Matt Gaetz doing his best to be the best Trumper. Except this time he’s hearing it from Twitter, trending for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, that is the point. In Trump’s America, white people are encouraged to put black people or “leftists” in their sites with weapons of war. After all, to Trumpers and their “Boogaloo” folks, it is a war.

No, Trump and guns are his grip. This picture represents the MAGA fantasy. It is why they voted for Trump in the first place. Longing for an America where this is alright.

This is interesting. It proves nothing but it is interesting:

That’s Gaetz for you.


Peace, y’all
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