Take a Look at the Last 3 Days of Trump’s Presidency and Ask Yourself How He Can Stay in the White House

We at this site have already reported on the fact that we believe a significant paradigm shift has been reached, one that threatens Trump’s ability to even finish out his term. Of course, this opinion is not some unique insight limited to our analysis, we’ve already reported upon and posted several tweets by political professionals that have reached a similar conclusion.

The principle revelation hasn’t fully set-in with the body politic. The Russian bounty story first broke late Friday, was confirmed by other sources throughout the day yesterday. The in-depth analysis as to its deeper meaning has just begun. It will be Tuesday or Wednesday before the nation internalizes the story and we get a sense of the total impact on the Trump administration.

It is noteworthy that the Trump administration hasn’t denied the intelligence that Russia paid bounties, only that they didn’t know. Moreover, and most importantly, Trump has limited his anger with respect to the story to fighting whether he knew, and the degree of truth, not it’s overall premise. The one thing Trump hasn’t done? He hasn’t called out Russia, strongly warning that if it is true they better damned well stop, or else.

He never does. He never challenges Russia. He only points to things he’s done generally with the military, sadly thinking that is an indication of being tough.

But the Russian story hasn’t happened in a vacuum, indeed the last three days have fed that paradigm shift we noted. A perfect summary is set out succinctly and devastatingly by the Lincoln Project. Brace yourself:

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That is just devastating, humiliating, and infuriating. We are rudderless, adrift in a crisis, the magnitude of which is yet unknown. But that list above? It is just a summary and it nearly knocks one over.

We can’t tolerate much more. A strong signal to the GOP that this is over (Tim Scott called out Trump’s tweet) would be enough to crash the entire thing down.


Peace, y’all
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