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This is the Best Anti-Trump Ad You Will Ever See: Vote for Biden, ‘He’s Not a Whiny B*tch’

One gets the sense that everything changed over the last week. Yes, it started a couple of weeks ago, the Bible, the Bunker, all that. But last week at West Point Academy, Trump looked frail and feeble. He knew it and made the mistake of tweeting defensively, which opened up the topic to the mainstream media. Then Trump suffered his worst political week as president, diving polls, SCOTUS rulings, Bolton, and then the big weekend, shady firings of Berman at SDNY, and the “Tulsa Disaster.”

Surveying the media landscape, traditional and social media, it truly appears that Trump is on the very edge of imploding. His staff is fighting, he’s furious, his polls are in the gutter, and his fans are at home. Symbolically, it all came together on Saturday night. Trump never looked so small. He must have sensed it because he went into a 20 minute “Sir Story” defending himself from the talk about him being weak and frail at West Point.

He shouldn’t have done it. He might have gotten away with such bullshit back when he could shock everyone into thinking he’s tough and badass. He can’t do it while speaking in a two-thirds empty arena, looking small. He looks like a whiny little bitch, which are not words we use around here, but we’ve pulled the words from the ad itself. The ad breaks down the lies Trump told about West Point while saying that Biden isn’t a whiny little bitch.

They say a narcissist cannot deal with is having people laughing at him. Fitting. We always presumed that Donald Trump would go out on a bang, a big scandal ripping through the nation, uproar everywhere. But now it seems that Trump may well go out with more of a whimper, more pathetic, and small, laughed at, a whiny little …


Peace, y’all
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Jason Miciak is a political writer, features writer, author, and attorney. He is originally from Canada but grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He now enjoys life as a single dad raising a ridiculously-loved young girl on the beaches of the Gulf Coast. He is very much the dreamy mystic, a day without learning is a day not lived. He is passionate about his flower pots and studies philosophical science, religion, and non-mathematical principles of theoretical physics. Dogs, pizza, and love are proof that God exists. "Above all else, love one another."


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