Trump Brags That He’s the ‘Most Perfect Person’ in Ridiculous Hannity Town Hall, ‘Isn’t That True?’

Nobody’s perfect.

No one even feels the need to be perfect, to be honest, no one over six, at least. One of the very first lessons we learn is that we will make mistakes and life is about how one handles them.

Donald Trump has never aspired to be perfect and has always been acutely aware of the fact that he’s not anywhere close to perfect. He spends nearly all his energy covering up his “mistakes,” hides taxes and testimony. He knows damn well he’s not perfect. Very few people work as hard as Trump at erasing records and memories of what he did, said, and determined.

Donald Trump definitely does want people to think he’s perfect, and he is going to work all day and night to ensure that people only see that side of him which says “perfection.” He wants people to think he’s rich (above all else), he is handsome, all the women want him, and he’s so nice, he’s almost … perfect. Ask him.

No, never mind. Trump is happy to share his thoughts on himself with you and Sean Hannity. You will see that Sean nearly passes out while trying to cut to commercial fast enough to spare some of the humiliation … while the audience laughs. Transcript by Rawstory:

President Donald Trump bragged about being “perfect” during a Fox News appearance that was broadcast on Thursday evening.

“I think I am the probably — a friend of mine said, ‘you have to be the most perfect person.’ Isn’t that true?” Trump asked.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity then cut to a commercial break.

Wow. Trump hits a new “low” bar. Trump managed to say something so humiliating that even Hannity knew to cut it quickly to a commercial, lest people nudge each other with a distanced elbow: “Hey, did he just say that he’s perfect?”

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And the audience laughed.

Hannity looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole:

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like.

Hey, you can’t blame Hannity. Sean had no idea what how Trump would answer, Sean couldn’t have expected that.

Nobody’s perfect!


Peace, y’all
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