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Trump Loses It and Admits He Wasn’t Kidding About Slowing Down Virus Testing

It is just typical “Trumpism” that we could have the admission of the decade, literally, by the president of the United States, and somehow have it get almost lost amidst all the other stories coming out of the weekend.

If you ever needed a measure by which the “constant scandal” of Trumpism impacted this country, you need to consider the fact that Trump admitted on TV during his Tulsa speech that he ordered the CDC to “slow the testing down, please,” in order to keep the “number of cases down.”

Trump’s aides say he was “joking,” and yet Trump hasn’t denied it on Twitter and look at what happened this morning:

Moreover, we all lived through that period, it was only 90 days ago! One of the most agonizing aspects of the COVID explosion was always asking ourselves “Where are the tests!” How was it that South Korea was able to test so many, so fast? They had drive-through testing while we had only a few thousand tests. They almost had their country back to normal before we even ended our isolation.

It would seem that “Slow the testing down, please” is exactly what happened. And, again, it is just a measure of Trumpism that this story isn’t leaping off screens and forcing Trump to step down. If it can be proven to happen, it would link tens of thousands of deaths to Trump’s selfish need to keep “the numbers low.” Look at graphs from all over the world, Europe’s graph is down, straight-lined, Australia and New Zealand, near gone. Canada is way way down. What is it that the United States has that none of those other countries have?

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Trump’s lifelong need to worry about appearances, and not reality, has landed a vicious blow to families across the country, including anyone reading or writing this – we’re not out of this by any sense, and we may be much deeper in it due to what happened then.

The Lincoln Project is one of the few groups taking this admission as seriously as it need be taken, and this ad is one of the few that should be run every week until the election.


And infuriating.

Pass it around.


Peace, y’all
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