Trump Promotes Video of His Supporters Yelling ‘White Power’: Says They Are ‘Great People’

Donald Trump is ripping this country apart at the seams and if he isn’t removed from office soon – perhaps before the election, something that is now possible as we learn about his failure to protect US troops – we will soon have widespread violence between the hardcore 25%-30% MAGA supporters and everyone else. One can see it as the MAGA supporters and Trump himself dropping any cover and promoting outright racism. This is how Germany descended into fascism and it’s important to remember that Germany had its own liberal elites that hated Hitler and joked about Hitler was a stupid racist who appealed to stupid racists.

Today we have video from a protest in The Villages (for god sake!), the upscale retirement community of Boomers in Florida. The Boomers set up life such that they will be the last generation able to afford widespread “retirement” – and many of them are clinging to their white privilege and white grievance. To be fair, a large segment of Boomers in that same community is fighting back, they are putting their golden decades to great use, to fight for change.

A summary is brought to us by Rawstory:

Donald Trump saw fit on Sunday morning to retweet a viral video of fans of his in the Villages in Florida driving in golf carts festooned with “Trump 2020” signs and rallying each other’s spirits over his faltering presidential campaign with chants of “white power.”

According to the president, “Thank you to the great people of The Villages. The Radical Left Do Nothing Democrats will Fall in the Fall. Corrupt Joe is shot. See you soon!!!”

What a gut punch. Watch this and try not to weep for your country. The president supports people yelling “White Power.”

The tweet has been deleted so here’s a screenshot:

And here is the story by Politico:

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This might be the end of Donald Trump.

Now that we know Trump couldn’t control Putin paying people to kill Americans, one is forced to wonder if Trump is even calling the shots with regard to race relations. When the American president is supporting “White Power,” one wonders if he’s under orders by the man who wants to destroy the country. Or Trump knows he’s going down and he’s decided to go down as his true self, the proud vile racist.

Regardless, the “reason” for Trump’s actions are speculation at this point, the actions taken and the response are not.


Yes, they do. This country doesn’t have a leader. We are leaderless while facing two or three crises that would qualify as the crisis of a generation individually. Trump has totally lost it and now threatens to take the country to an even darker, increasingly violent period. We predicted yesterday that Trump may not make it through the next 2 weeks as president. Calls for him to step down are increasingly more urgent and more serious.

We should watch this closely.


Peace, y’all
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