Trump Says Republicans Who Don’t Support Him are ‘Stupid People’ in Bitter, Angry Morning Tweetstorm

Of course, we knew it was coming. It is Monday morning after Trump’s worst weekend as president, and it isn’t even close. The revelations concerning the Russian bounties imposed upon the heads of American soldiers are only getting more outrageous, especially in the face in inaction by Trump. COVID is raging through the south, Trump’s polls are in the gutter, and many of us believe he may not make it through the month – Oh! And the SCOTUS, of which Trump is so proud to have stuffed, continues to rule against him and Republicans. Just this morning a new abortion opinion is out. Roberts clearly hates him.

So the tweetstorm was as predictable as the line of thunderstorms on doppler radar. After all, Trump has nothing else on his schedule today. To say that Trump is angry is to say that COVID is a bit of a health concern. He has quite a bit to say.

Where to begin? How about Trump bragging again about his approval in the Republican party? No one has actually seen these polls regarding approval among Republicans, but even if one has 100% approval of 35% of the nation (we’re just guestimating) it is hardly something to brag about. But that never stopped Trump!

“Stupid people.”

It takes some real brass for Trump to call others stupid when he is the one that put an apostrophe in the plural “Justice’s” (sic) and an apostrophe on the end of RINOS’ (sic), can’t put a space between RegulationCuts, and refers to himself in the third person.  We don’t normally attach a lot of meaning to typos, as everyone makes mistakes (including us), but if one is going to call someone else stupid, it’s best to not prove one’s own stupidity.

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Of course, because all bad news or news that makes Trump look bad is fake. Always. Incidentally “last time” the polls had Hillary up 2-3% going into the election, she won the popular vote by 2.7 million votes, or what was 2%. No one apologized.

We don’t doubt that his “internal polls” are great. There are a lot of people in that campaign making a ton of money. Unless they show him numbers that indicate they’re doing great work, they’ll get fired. We have no trouble believing that he’s shown great poll numbers!

A lot of people have lost respect for government (non-capitalized) in the last few years, buddy. Why don’t you worry less about a few blocks in Seattle and worry more about the Taliban killing our soldiers to collect on Russian rubles?

Some people had some responses to Trump:

No, he is not. He is in real trouble. Members of Congress are going to the White House right now to be briefed on the matter. We say again, he is going to have trouble surviving this scandal.


Peace, y’all
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