Trump Tweets that Biden Has ‘Low IQ’ and No One Wants a ‘Low IQ’ President and Everyone is Laughing

The stable genius struck again today with a tweet that perfectly demonstrates how much trouble this country faces as long as Donald Trump is president. Trump – for reasons passing understanding – decided to go after Biden as a “Low IQ” person. Trump then rightfully points out that no one wants a “Low IQ” president, which is why so many would like him removed. We have seen a shitload of stuff emerge from the White House in the last three days, and we’ve documented the horrors. At least this particular bit of news doesn’t threaten the stability of the world’s superpower, but damn it shows the current president’s instability.

Herewith, and we’ll make some points below with some reaction:

What. The. Fck.

This, of course, comes from a man who believes that testing causes COVID and we’d have less COVID if we tested less, doesn’t know what the “19” in COVID-19 means, capitalizes “Country” in the tweet, and thinks IV disinfectant should be tried. We could literally write a 2500 word column on all the stupid things Trump has done and said, Sarah Cooper wouldn’t have near as much success or money if Trump had an IQ above 90, and Joe Biden, no matter how smart, doesn’t appear to be drugged out of his skull from time to time.

But who the hell talks about their opponent being “low IQ?” How big a baby do you have to be to call your opponent for president “stupid?” How embarrassing is it that this is happening in the United States? And what motivated this fresh sh*t?

There was some feedback, as you might imagine:

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He always sounds desperate, just not this pathetic at the same time.

It is true that no one wants a “low IQ” president.



Peace, y’all

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