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Trump Wants a More Damaging Nickname for Biden Than ‘Sleepy Joe’ and His New Ideas are Terrible

That whole “Sleepy Joe” tag is apparently not working for the Trump campaign team and they are trying to find a more damaging nickname because they are worried it doesn’t generate enough hostility to damage the Biden campaign.

Business Insider [1] reports that his advisers are looking into other lines of attack, including trying to portray Biden as corrupt, or as a puppet for the left, or as being in cognitive decline. That last one is hilarious, considering their clueless leader is having plenty of problems of his own. That’s clear as day as videos showing Trump having all sorts of physical and cognitive [2] problems keep piling up.

Axios [3] notes that Trump’s digs at Biden have been ineffective and Biden, whom the Democratic Party will almost certainly nominate for the November Presidential election, is still beating Trump in a poll of key [4] swing states.

That’s leading the Trump campaign to seek a nickname that focuses more on Biden’s verbal goofs in an attempt to suggest he’s in cognitive decline. They are also trying to paint Biden as the face of the radical left, even though anyone with a brain in their head knows he’s a Centrist Democrat if anything.

And even though their boss was impeached [5] in December only to be acquitted by a Republican-lead Senate, Trump’s advisers are trying to find slogans that paint Biden as corrupt. Including, of course, “Corrupt Joe,” to perhaps go alongside his infamous “Crooked Hillary” nickname, which he used to impugn Hillary Clinton.

“We need to be demonizing him,” said one Republican lawmaker who frequently confers with Trump, noting that “Sleepy Joe” “probably sounds nice right now, with everything that’s going on.”

But the poll I mentioned above isn’t the only one where Biden is doing well. The Monmouth University Poll [6] conducted earlier this month also gave him favorable ratings with an 11-point lead over Trump, especially in the area of race relations.

But if these people are trying to demonize Biden, they have a long way to go, considering their boss’s record, especially as The Washington Post [7] notes, as of April 14, Trump has made 18,000 false or misleading claims in a period of 1,170 days.

That number is probably higher now. Making Biden appear more corrupt than Trump will be pretty much next to impossible and it speaks to just how futile their efforts will likely be.