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Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Tells Him Not to Talk About His Faith in Public So People Don’t Mock Him

Presidential spiritual adviser, Paula White took time out of her busy schedule of hoodwinking the gullible into sending her money to fight the coronavirus pandemic to appear on a broadcast of  “The Patriot And The Preacher” this week. Whereupon she discussed President Donald Trump’s religious faith, saying it’s something that’s very important to him.

But faith isn’t something he discusses publicly, White said, because she and other faith leaders have advised him not to, Right Wing Watch reports.

“I’d say two things really formed him a lot and that was his church life,” she said, adding “and also, I think military school had a lot of formation on him. You can see that.”

White claimed the media ambushed Trump with unfair theological questions when he began his 2015 presidential campaign, so she and other advisers recommended he “keep faith very private and personal and hold it close” rather than talk about it.

Because of course, that might make Trump look ignorant. And he’s mastered being ignorant. Hell, he’s not even fazed by his own ignorance.

But White and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (R) came to Trump’s rescue when she realized those sneaky journalists were about to ask him a religion-related question.

“I saw them coming at him with a theological question, and I knew that he didn’t know this was a theological question, and it was a complete setup,” she said. “It was over communion. They started asking him about wine because he doesn’t drink, and I’m like, ‘Oh, they’re about to drop it on him.’ And it’d be like asking me how to build a building. I don’t know how to build a building. And so I said, ‘Look, politics by its very nature is designed to be very divisive and destructive.'”

“Gov. [Mike] Huckabee and myself were with him … and we highly recommend to him in this arena to keep faith very private and personal and hold it close because there are some situations that you walk out more privately than publicly because in an arena like this, I think you’re darned if you do, darned if you don’t,” White said. “Now, with that said, there’s a whole lot that happens behind the scenes that faith plays such an important role to our president.”

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Maybe he says a small prayer when he gets outed for sexual misconduct or has to deal with Melania on a bad day. Or maybe even when Joe Biden is clobbering him in the polls. Like he’s doing now, for instance.

Here’s a clip of what she had to say.

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