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Tucker Carlson Says Trump is Losing in the Polls Because He’s Simply Exhausted

President Donald Trump is imploding; his poll numbers are at an all-time low and his health problems are becoming very apparent with each passing day. That’s lead Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who’s facing problems of his own as advertisers continue to flee, to come to the president’s defense.

Trump, Carlson claims, is losing because he’s exhausted.

Well, he may be. After all, he’s 74-years-old, and staying up all night rage-tweeting can tend to affect one’s health. But for Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Trump is also exhausted from years of defending himself against accusations surrounding “Russiagate,” Joe.My.God. reports.

“Trump was exhausted, for one thing, after three years of defending himself against Russiagate, the most elaborate and effective hoax in American history,” Carlson said. “And his staff did not very much to help. Some of them were actively disloyal, most were just confused.”

And while it’s now known that Russia did indeed, meddle in the 2016 Presidential election, Carlson had other thoughts on the issue, saying some voters may have turned against him because they felt “undefended.” Trump, Carlson seems to assert, was elected to serve as a “bodyguard” to protect against “creeping authoritarianism” and other ills we are currently facing right now under his presidency.

“The core appeal of Trump was if things ever started to fall apart, he would defend you. Yes, he was loud and crude. Most bodyguards are. Only a man like Donald Trump was tough enough to fight the creeping authoritarianism of the education cartel and corporate America.”

The education cartel? What in the gefoodlehoppers does that mean? And Trump is the very emblem of corporate America. Boy does Carlson get that one wrong.

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But Carlson also went on to say this:

“If Trump got elected, you could say what you really believe. The basic promise of America could be restored (somehow that seems to have fallen by the wayside). You could live with dignity. Under Donald Trump, you wouldn’t be forced to mouth the lyrics to some repulsive little orthodoxy you hate.”

“You could declare out loud that all lives matter because all lives do matter,” he said. “God made us all, and if you can’t say that, what’s the point of living here? Donald Trump never quite articulated any of this in a precise way.”

No, really? Say it isn’t so (sarcasm intended.) Carlson wants you to wear your white privilege like a badge.

“He’s not an intellectual or an ideologue, but it was obvious he felt it strongly. Trump’s gut-level instincts were on the side of order and tradition and stability, and they still are. And yet, when widespread looting and disorder arrived, the president did not act as decisively as many had hoped.”

Carlson may be correct that Trump is exhausted, but if he is, it’s his own doing. All of it is on him. Trump has spent the last four years expounding views that are racist, sexist, misogynistic, and demeaning in pretty much every way imaginable. If Trump loses, it’s definitely his own doing.

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